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Organic Meal Replacement

When you do a search for a 100% Organic Meal Replacement, the first page will be mostly ads and then a few fake sellers, then you’ll find thousands of more pages of links to everything, except anything that is actually a 100% Organic Meal Replacement.

Why is this you might wonder? Because search engines do not care, especially not Google or Amazon, that is for sure. They don’t care that there are a million websites selling terrible, fake, useless junk, and especially do not care if anyone is selling fake organic, yet still show up for the search terms “Organic Meal Replacement“.

Why don’t they care? Because if only honest sellers bought ads, they would not be that rich at all.

No wonder the web is saturated with fake, useless, overpriced junk, so finding a link to the only real 100% Organic Meal Replacement will be unlikely, unless someone like me actually showed you the link.

And why do your meals need to be 100% Organic and not just Organic? Because there is actually a big difference. First of all, nothing is higher than 100% –it’s not like something could be a 101% Organic.

And second of all, “organic” does not mean what most people think it means. “Certified Organic“, which should only be the minimum you look for, has never been 100% Organic, rather only 95% organic, which to me is a lot like drinking 95% water.

The USDA, which regulates the organic certifications here, from the very beginning, only required Farmers and Manufacturers to achieve 95% Organic ingredients to receive the USDA Organic seal, but what about the other 5% you might be wondering?

It’s exactly what you think the other 5% would be –junk! There are countless ‘organic meal replacements’ online that include a slew of preservatives, additives, artificial flavors and/or artificial sweeteners, artificial salt, artificial nutrition and even GMOs –all totaling no more than 5% of course.

And they all get away with it, because it’s no more than 5%.

eating organic

Do most people care that they are eating organic food that is still contaminated with 5% junk that completely contaminates the organic food they eat and therefore defeats the entire purpose of eating organic in the first place? Nope, they do not!

Just recently someone mentioned to me in passing that they still believe you can receive plenty of nutrition from organic food, even if it includes non-organic ingredients.

I responded, “so does that mean you would drink a glass of water that you knew has 5% of something non-water in it?” I did not receive a response back of course.

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t at least eat organic fruits and vegetables as much as you can, because certified organic produce still has more nutrition than any completely contaminated conventionally grown food ever could, but it’s still not 100% Organic, which is what you will need to eat every day to ever prevent or reverse anything.

Does this mean we are all destined to consume either completely contaminated food, which is what anything conventional is, or consume ‘organic food’ that’s less contaminated? I guess it’s better to eat less contaminated food, but that’s like saying eating less poison is better than eating more poison –I guess that’s better, but I still don’t want to consume anything that’s even slightly contaminated obviously. Would you?

And this is why a truly 100% Organic Meal Replacement is the last most important meal you could ever eat these days.

A 100% Organic Meal Replacement is very rare, too, which is why you cannot find anything 100% Organic sold in any store, especially 100% Organic and raw!

In this world, it’s easier and far more convenient to eat junk food, get sick and take drugs –it’s as if the world is pushing everyone to live like this, which is why if you want to be different and healthier than everyone around you, you have to work a little harder, but hey, it’s a lot better than getting sick and staying sick for the rest of your life, isn’t it?

So, without further ado, click the banner to see the last truly 100% Organic Meal Replacement on earth that can actually start rejuvenating and energizing every cell in your body.

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2 thoughts on “Organic Meal Replacement”

  1. … keeping in mind the 95% certified organic minimum- almost tolerable quality- and this might be “opening a can of worms” for any purist- but is it possible to mix meal betix with “anything(s)” that is considered a “more healthy” beverage?… how about adding it to “cooked” foods- such as broths (ie bone or veggie broths)?… for someone attempting to transition to a “predominantly”- but not completely 100% meal betix diet (particularly for someone seriously attempting to GAIN weight- as OPPOSED TO LOSING weight)- the “satiation factor” of a “sit- down” (as compared to [important/convenient- fast food and “replacement” concept]) cup or plate or bowl of food of the highest possible (enhanced?) quality by working in meal betix into that meal may be psychologically “and” physically beneficial?… please provide your thoughts… thank you👍🏻

    1. Great questions Al. It’s hard enough keeping soil 100% organic and of course the food grown in it 100% organic, but once you pick it, pack it and then send it to people, you don’t know what they are going to mix it in. As a purist, I wouldn’t dare mix anything with MealBetix that wasn’t at least certified organic, which is why I most often just mix MealBetix in water when I am outside all day. I think sprinkling MealBetix on cooked meals is actually a wonderful idea and more people should do that. As for the bone broth soups out there, I haven’t seen a single one that has only organic ingredients and most aren’t even organic at all, so I stay away from that. As for gaining weight, most people do not care where their weight comes from, just as long as they gain weight, just like most people do not care where they are losing weight, just as long as they lose weight. But here’s the thing to keep in mind when it comes to your weight, whether you want to lose weight or gain weight –quality matters and is the difference between healthy weight gain or healthy weight loss and unhealthy weight gain or unhealthy weight loss. In other words, it does not matter how much you weigh, only how healthy you eat, because when you are eating MealBetix every day, whatever healthy weight your body is supposed to be, is the weight it will be, if you are patient enough to wait for your body to show you what weight you are supposed to be. And MealBetix has more protein than steak, so you can gain muscle and it will be lean, healthy muscle, as apposed to bulky, unhealthy muscle.

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