delicious low carb meal

Delicious Low Carb Meal

Everyone health-conscious wants to eat the healthiest most delicious low carb meal, but how do you know which is the healthiest and most delicious low carb meal?

Starts with the ingredients of course.

Delicious Low Carb MealFirst, each ingredient must be an actual whole food and hopefully not cooked or processed in any way that would harm or deplete the nutrient levels in each whole food.

Delicious Low Carb MealSecond, each whole food must actually be 100% pesticide-free, 100% herbicide-free, 100% fungicide-free, 100% glyphosate-free, 100% GMO-free and of course 100% vegan, too. I know, this is extremely rare.

Delicious Low Carb MealThird, each whole food must be raw, because when you even slightly cook food, the first nutrients to be destroyed are of course the most sensitive nutrients, which are the valuable digestive enzymes in that whole food.

Delicious Low Carb MealOtherwise you could easily become bloated and feel indigestion at the very least, to heartburn, insomnia and headaches. Yes, it’s that easy to disrupt your digestion, easier than most people dare to imagine or admit.

Lastly, there can be nothing else added, besides the whole foods, literally nothing.

That means there can be no flavors added, no sweeteners added, no fillers added, no preservatives or additives added, no artificial nutrition or artificial probiotics added and of course none of the 3 most toxic crops here, which are soy, corn and wheat.

Unfortunately not a single truly healthy and delicious low carb meal out there passes even just this first criteria, let alone all the other criteria, because they want to prolong the shelf-life and of course want it to taste as sweet and flavorful as possible, regardless of how healthy it actually ends up becoming.

In other words, Big ‘Food’ wants to be able to mass produce anything it sells, because well, that’s how they maximise profits –and you definitely cannot mass produce a raw and organic delicious low carb meal without completely destroying at the same time all the nutrition that was once there.

Also, what annoys me the most is how they always throw in a bunch of artificial nutrition and artificial probiotics that they think somehow replaces the real nutrition they just destroyed, but the only thing any artificial ingredient ever does to a food is contaminate it and destroy any real nutrition left in the food.

Which do you prefer, something that tastes great, but has little to no nutrition left OR something that does not taste great, but actually has all the real nutrition intact? These two options seem to be what is expected out there.

But what if you could have both?

Both would be best, right? I think so, too. That’s why I am happy to introduce to you The MealBetix Lifestyle, providing you the last truly 100% Organic and truly 100% Vegan, delicious low carb meal left on earth!

The MealBetix Lifestyle provides you at least 2 low carb meals every day that you can also take with you wherever you go!

If you are going to be at the office all day, at school all day, at the beach all day, hiking all day, camping all day or driving all day, you can have MealBetix right by your side.

Why is the convenience of being able to take your delicious low carb meal with you wherever you go, so important? Because nothing out there compares to MealBetix.

Delicious Low Carb MealThere’s only fast food and junk food everywhere you go!

It’s scary just how much junk food and fast food there is here and it does not appear to be going away, either –no wonder this generation is the sickest ever. 

So while Big ‘Food’ and Big Pharma work tirelessly to keep you and everyone else sick, The MealBetix Lifestyle is working even harder to keep your health stronger than everyone else!

delicious low carb meal

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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