Diet vs Lifestyle

Billions of people are on diets right now, but only a handful of the entire population will actually change their lifestyle, so diet vs lifestyle, which is better?

This is the million dollar question that will be answered for you right here.

How many diets are there? A hundred? A thousand? Maybe ten thousand? I think there are millions and possibly billions of diets, know why? Because no one follows any diet in exactly the same way, so even the slightly change to any diet is like making your own diet.

I wonder if this is why there are so many religions, including over forty thousand registered “christian religions” alone…but I digress.

diet vs lifestyleDiets as you know come and go, like a feather floating down a river, but a lifestyle is a permanent way of life, and hopefully that permanent way of life is actually healthy.

If you are able to change your eating and drinking habits, and change them permanently, then you have changed your lifestyle. It actually does not take much effort, it just takes persistence and of course consistency.

I remember I wanted to change how I wrote the letter “ɑ” to look more like the computer “a”, and so every day I consciously and purposely made sure when I wanted to write “ɑ”, I would instead write “a”.

How long did it take before I didn’t have to think about it anymore? It took a couple months, then it became natural for me.

Now, I know changing one’s lifestyle and changing how you write a single letter might not be very comparable, but both require persistence and both require consistency, which is exactly what is required to change your lifestyle.

For some, change can take just a few weeks or a couple months, and for others maybe a year or more, but one thing is always consistent, as long as you are persistent, you can change anything and therefore become whatever kind of person you want to become, including adopting any kind of lifestyle.

Now, if you’re thinking that’s too long to change my lifestyle, then ask yourself, “do I exercise consistently”? Because if you do, then you have already changed your lifestyle.

diet vs lifestyleMost people cannot imagine never exercising, because exercising is their daily routine, exercising is a part of their lifestyle. And I am certain there are lots of other things you do every day that are all parts of your lifestyle.

Now, when I look at someone middle-aged who is sick or chronically ill and maybe overweight, I say to myself they must have an unhealthy lifestyle, and then when I look at someone middle-aged who is not sick at all and not overweight, I say to myself they must have a healthy lifestyle, and I am sure I am not the only one thinks this.

All of us judge each other based on how we look, and there are no exceptions –how else could you ever know the difference between ugly and beautiful or fat and thin –it could only be because of how everyone sees each other of course.

Humans are comparative creatures after all.

And your lifestyle dictates how healthy or how sick you will become. The healthier your lifestyle, the healthier you are, and the unhealthier your lifestyle, the unhealthier you are.

I know many people who are living with chronic illness will not agree with this statement, especially since many people who live with chronic illness also believe they live a healthy lifestyle and therefore the cause of their chronic illness must be “genetics”.

I get that, I really do, but you cannot blame your genes for everything, especially when it comes to changing your lifestyle. And if we are being honest with ourselves, if it was all genetic, then why do so many people keep eating as healthy as they can or exercise as often as they can?

If it’s truly all genetic, then doing any of those things should be a complete waste of time, right? If it’s genetic, then why even bother doing anything to help your body?

Obviously no one sane would think this, but yet blaming your genes for why you are sick and therefore there is nothing you can do about it is what you will eventually believe at least at a subconscious level, which of course is dangerous.

And it is this exact thinking that keeps people running back to hospitals, clinics and the pharmacy, because they all feel they have no choice. 

So what’s my point?

My point is no matter who you are and no matter what you believe you can and cannot do, you can absolutely, positively, change your lifestyle with just a little persistence and consistency.

Now, whichever lifestyle you choose is the difference between living the rest of your life sick or healthy, happy or unhappy, even rich or poor.

Yes, the lifestyle you choose has a dramatic effect on your life and everything that happens in it. So if I were you, I would choose the healthiest lifestyle there is, because a truly healthy lifestyle will provide you far more benefits than any diet, even more benefits than one thousand diets, not to mention save you so much time, so much money and of course extend your life! So, what is the healthiest lifestyle you ask?

The MealBetix Lifestyle – the last 100% organic lifestyle

For all ages, from fetus to senior, everyone who continues The MealBetix Lifestyle enjoys far more health and saves more money on their food bill, supplement bill and even their medical bills –this is what you should expect from the last 100% organic lifestyle.

diet vs lifestyle

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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  1. I love this article. I really needed to read this. Lots of people confuse lifestyle with diet and I was one of them.

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