Does Sugar Cause Diabetes

This is one of the most common questions out there, and for good reason. Sugar is already in everything you eat, drink and inject, so asking if sugar can cause Diabetes might seem obvious, but the answer is not yes or no, because it depends on which sugar. Yes, you heard correctly—it depends on the sugar.

It’s easy to blame sugar for everything, especially since sugar is in everything, but what you need to do is separate the healthy sugar and the unhealthy sugar, otherwise you’ll never be able to anything.

What’s the difference?

One is artificial and one is not. Every organ in your body runs on sugar, especially your brain, but artificial sugar is what you should be avoiding, not real sugar that is in every plant on earth.

When you eat food that has been stripped of its healthy sugars, its healthy carbs, its healthy nutrients, what’s left is a dead food that might have no carbs, no sugar and unfortunately no nutrition, either, which is what “processed food” is—it’s not real food anymore.

It’s not possible to process food and still call that food healthy, because the very definition of food requires a source of energy, which only sugar, carbs and nutrition can provide.

The whole world has become Allopathic, meaning they believe you can strip food down to however many carbs or sugars are left, and then you can eat that ‘food’ and somehow your body will assimilate that food’s healthy nutrients. But how can that be? Once you process food, it’s no longer food, it’s basically dead food.

Imagine food is a human being, full of life, right? If you put a human through the exact same processes you put food through to turn that food into processed food, would the human survive? Absolutely not. The human would die. The same is for food, since food is just as fragile. This concept is mostly lost, because the Allopathic (BIG Pharma) influence is very strong and spans 3 generations or more now—that’s a lot of brainwashing.

No wonder most people here are chronically ill.

But back to sugar. When you hear your doctor tell you not to eat sugar or not to eat carbs, did you know that your doctor never separates the healthy sugar and the unhealthy sugar? He or she just groups all sugar together!

It’s like you were betrayed by someone, but because you don’t know who’s going to betray you next, you decide to stop trusting everyone, which is what many people do unfortunately, but this also causes you to miss the ones who would never betray you and probably cause you to resent those who try to earn your trust—it’s an unfortunate way to live your life.

Well, when your doctor tells you to stop eating sugar, your doctor has never learned the difference between healthy sugar and unhealthy sugar, so your doctor tells you to just avoid all sugar or avoid carbs.

For me, as a Food Scientist, when any doctor says this to a patient, it’s a clear sign that that doctor does not understand how food works, which would be a very reasonable conclusion, since MDs do not learn about food or holistic medicine of any sort in medical school, so they actually have no business telling anyone how to eat.

I mean seriously, would you take advice on how to lose weight from someone overweight? Then why would you take advice from someone who is most likely chronically ill?

So, here is the sugar that is actually healthy according to a Food Scientist.

As long as the plants have not been processed, in other words “raw”, and of course were not raised with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, then the sugar that is naturally in plants is healthy—the same for carbs.

Now that you know which sugar is healthy and which is not, you can eat almost anything you want, just as long as the food is not processed and was not contaminated with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Where do you find this rare food? Click the MealBetix logo and see for yourself and start eating the healthy sugar and healthy carbs.


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