Dr Wayne

Dr Darren Wayne
Food Scientist

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I am so glad you decided to eat the last truly healthy low carb meal on earth, because you deserve to experience MealBetix. I will be sure to pack and mail out your MealBetix meal by tomorrow, so please start checking your mailbox after a couple days. *Please note “Guru Inc” will show on your credit card statement, which is me.

Please check your email for your receipt and any important download links.

Please be sure to try your MealBetix meal the same day you receive it, because life can be very distracting and you do not want to forget to try this very rare meal. I prefer mixing in water, since I love the taste, but you can also mix in a shake if for whatever reason you don’t like water.

Please feel free to text me directly any questions to (626) 539-0374 OR email me at ask@mealbetix.com

P.S. If you feel inclined to record a brief testimonial (wide screen) about your impression of your first MealBetix meal and can email it to me, I’ll be happy to mail you an extra week of MealBetix meals, as a gift.

*will never share with anyone