Frequently Asked Questions

What is The MealBetix Lifestyle?

The last 100% Clean Food Lifestyle left here, because all the food and drinks out there have become toxic to everyone. Even junk food now costs more than ever before! There is no reason to continue poisoning yourself.

Is The MealBetix Lifestyle 100% Plant-Based?

Yes! And not only plant-based, but even more importantly, 100% Clean! This means absolutely no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no GMOs, and not even processed, refined or cooked at all, in other words, 100% Raw!

How do I begin The MealBetix Lifestyle?

It’s very simple. Go to MealBetix.com and choose either the monthly shipment or the 90 day shipment, then replace at least 2 meals every day and consistently improve your health daily. The longer you continue The MealBetix Lifestyle, the stronger and the healthier you will become.

Will I lose weight on The MealBetix Lifestyle?

Yes, but only unhealthy weight. What does unhealthy weight mean? Unhealthy weight is rarely talked about, but it is a lifetime of unhealthy fat, toxic waste buildup and any unhealthy fluids that have accumulated throughout your body; from these alone you could easily lose 20lbs to 150lbs, depending on how much you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. Not a single diet out there can accomplish this!

How can I gain weight on The MealBetix Lifestyle?

All the diets and processed proteins out there that promise big gains, never mention the fact that you will gain only unhealthy weight by way of unhealthy muscle and unhealthy fat along with it. That’s why there are so many men and women who trained for years, but when they stop, most of all their muscle turns into fat. So, how do you gain truly 100% Clean muscle that also lasts your whole life? Just double or even triple how many tablespoons you mix at each meal and then also lift heavy weights and you will steadily increase your healthy muscle. That’s it.

What are the benefits of The MealBetix Lifestyle?

It would take an entire book to list all of the benefits you will experience the longer you continue The MealBetix Lifestyle, but the top 3 most obvious benefits are..

  • Save $300 every month on your food bill.
  • Save at least 20 hours per month not shopping, preparing, cooking or cleaning up after 60 meals.
  • And never have to buy vitamins, supplements, probiotics or protein powders again.

How much protein is in MealBetix?

MealBetix contains more protein than a steak! A whopping 50% pure protein in fact. Most of the protein comes from the hemp seed protein in MealBetix, which makes MealBetix the only 100% Clean, raw and pure protein in a meal replacement.

How much nutrition is in MealBetix?

Every vitamin, every mineral, every enzyme, every plant-probiotic, every protein and even collagen, are all already in MealBetix. And because every superfood in MealBetix is truly 100% Clean and Raw, every cell in your body will absorb everything immediately. Want more nutrition? Just mix more!

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