The last 100% Organic Lifestyle on earth, designed to clean out decades of toxic accumulation and restore your whole body to true health, which only 100% Organic food can do. MealBetix is the only 100% Organic and raw complete plant-based, low carb, high protein meal, so MealBetix also accommodates keto, paleo, vegan, whole30, mediterranean, atkins and any other plant based diet. Just replace 2 meals OR 2 snacks with MealBetix and then prepare your own healthy dinner, and that’s it. Of course only eating organic food for dinner would be ideal, but you can work up to that –you are eating 100% organic twice every day after all, which is definitely a lot more organic than most anyone else around you and enough to experience incredible benefits.

The Last 100% Organic Food is the Ultimate Holistic Lifestyle (absolutely no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no GMOs, no artificial nutrition and PFAS-Free!) ALL 15 SUPERFOODS IN MEALBETIX ARE GROWN IN THE LAST LITTLE BIT OF SOIL THAT IS TRULY UNCONTAMINATED AND THEN IS FREEZE DRIED AND THAT’S IT. THIS MEANS YOU GET TO ENJOY ALL THE BENEFITS OF PURE, RAW AND TRULY 100% ORGANIC FOOD, Every Day!

New MealBetix Label

100% Organic | 100% Vegan | GMO-Free | Gluten-Free | Allergy-Free | High Protein | Low Carb | Sugar-Free
Organic Hemp Powder (50% pure protein)

Organic Barley Grass Powder
Organic Wheatgrass Powder
Organic Spirulina Powder
Organic Spinach Powder
Organic Broccoli Powder
Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder
Organic Moringa Powder
Organic Coconut Milk Powder
Organic Beet Root Powder
Organic Ginger Root Powder
Organic Tomato Powder
Organic Dulce Leaf Powder
Organic Cinnamon Powder
Organic Whole Leaf Stevia Powder

On average each person will save $300+ per month on their food bill and even save on all probiotics, vitamins, supplements and even protein and fiber. Plus, you will save hours monthly not having to prepare and then clean up after at least 60 meals every month!

Even children raised on candy like the taste, so it must taste delicious, especially with the cinnamon! *If you are one of those people who do not like the taste of cinnamon, even slightly, then you can mix MealBetix in organic carrot juice and/or organic beet juice for example and that will mask the cinnamon taste.

Yes! Everyone from fetus to senior citizens. And of course you can never mix too much or too often.

Absolutely! Some think there is gluten in Wheatgrass or Barley Grass, but both are sprouts and not grains at all, so there is absolutely no gluten. Click here to learn more about the powerful wheatgrass. 

The 100% Organic soil required to grow 100% Organic food doesn’t exist, not for commercial farming or commercial organic farming anyway, and while over a million acres of contaminated farmland dies every year, raising food prices, ‘certified organic farmland’ seems to increase annually, know why? Because each year contaminated farmland transitions to ‘organic farmland’! How is it possible to convert completely toxic farmland into ‘certified organic’ farmland? It’s not! But that doesn’t stop them. That’s why the ‘organic food’ you buy at the store is still contaminated, even if it’s less.

But MealBetix is grown in the last little bit of soil left that is truly 100% Organic, which makes MealBetix very rare food.

From recent testimonials, some of the first benefits you could experience include better vision and hearing, your skin looking smoother and more youthful, your muscles feeling younger and stronger, your headaches are gone, your joint pain is gone, healing faster, stronger immune system, sleeping faster and longer than before, no more anxiety attacks, you don’t catch colds anymore, all your allergies are gone, and so much more.

Even though MealBetix is raw, it is also 100% organic freeze dried food, so will last at least 3 years if unopened and then will probably decrease in nutrient potency from that point, if you plan on storing it that long. And then up to a year after it’s opened, as long as you keep it stored in a cool, dry place. But most people finish each can in a week, so I doubt you’ll leave it open for a year. Remember, you can take MealBetix with you wherever you go, so you do not have to refrigerate it.

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