how to boost my immune system

How To Build My Immune System

After this pandemic destroyed the health of so many, leaving millions even more immunocompromised than they were before, many wonder How To Build My Immune System.

Now, you can do a search online for “How To Build My Immune System” and find a million links to a lot of very artificial products, including of course artificial vitamin C and artificial gummies to a slew of artificial immunity boosters!

how to build my immune systemBut all these products will only damage your immune system further, because there isn’t a single artificial cell in your body that could ever assimilate anything artificial…I know, duh, right? But there are millions here and billions of more people around the world who swallow these artificial pills every day thinking they are real nutrition.

You see, real nutrition does not come from food, it is food. Pills are not food, capsules are not food and tablets are not food, because if they were, then you could live on these pills, but you can’t, know why?

Because they are not food!

When exactly did the masses start dismissing food as healthy enough and started relying on artificial pills for their nutrition I will never know, but what I do know is that pills keep your immune system weak!

And even if the pills were actually from food, can you imagine nutrition that was alive, surviving the entire tableting process? All that refining, all that cooking and then of course the harsh binder added to each pill just to keep it solid…there’s no way any nutrition that was once alive could ever be alive after all that! Could you survive that? Of course not!

So again, real nutrition can only survive inside real food, real actual food, and of course the food must be 100% Organic and raw!

Hey, I don’t make these rules, nature does –I am just nature’s messenger.

So, I am sure you are thinking tell me exactly How To Build My Immune System, well, let me tell you. First, you must eat 100% Organic every day and it of course must be raw. Second, you must make sure you consistently eat this 100% Organic and raw food for at least 2 meals every day and I mean every day, even while you are at work and taking a trip, you must have 100% Organic and raw food right by your side, otherwise your immune system cannot consistently grow stronger daily –your immune system is fickle like that.

You don’t see athletes skipping practice or bodybuilders skipping workouts, because they know they must be consistent and I am sure their Coaches do not want to hear excuses, either. I know this example seems strict, but this is the attitude you need to have towards eating 100% Organic and raw every day.

This is what it takes to boost your immune system and even double your immune system within just a few short months –yes, it works that fast! And if you are not swallowing any pills at all, and I mean absolutely no pills, then you can expect to double your immune system even faster!

But even if you are swallowing pills every day, of course you will still be able to double your immune system, as long as you do not mind waiting a bit longer, because no matter how unhealthy you start, everyone who continues eating 100% Organic and raw every day, always achieves a robust immune system that is the envy of everyone around them!

So, if you are ready to experience more health than most everyone around you and even spend less than fast food on all your 100% Organic and raw meals every day, today is your very lucky day!

How to build my immune system up.

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How To Build My Immune System

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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