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Is There A Specific Diet That Cures Diabetes?

How many diets are out there? 10? 100? 1,000? — let’s just assume there are a lot and there will continue to be more and more as time goes on, so from all the diets out there, is there a specific diet that cures diabetes?

The short answer is no, because the cure for diabetes or for any other chronic illness, could never be a diet, but rather a lifestyle. You didn’t expect the answer to be long and dramatic, did you? Because I don’t do long and dramatic.

So, What Lifestyle Can Cure Diabetes?

That’s a great question! Now, I happen to know what that lifestyle is and it’s not the kind of lifestyle most people think it would be — you know, counting everything, portion control, taking your supplements every day, running marathons every weekend or going to the gym. It’s actually none of those things.

I’ve been a Food Scientist for decades and I have helped thousands of Diabetics eat healthier and create the lifestyle they need to heal their pancreas. Notice I said “help”, because I can’t do it for them, no matter how much I want to and there were plenty of times I wish I could change their lifestyle for them, but I could not.

Nevertheless, I was always there to encourage and motivate, because that’s 90% of my job actually — the rest is the actual eating, which is always the really easy part.

Now, instead of listing everything under the sun that harms your pancreas and that every Diabetic does today that keeps their pancreas in a severely injured condition, I will instead list for you a few of the perspectives you will need to adopt, before you can begin to experience the benefits of this incredibly healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready?

  1. All pills and drugs damage your pancreas. Your body was simply not made to digest and assimilate pills, because your cells run on raw food with its raw nutrition inside. This is what every cell in your body is made from. The whole idea of supplementation began when someone said the food they eat doesn’t provide them enough nutrition, so BIG Pharma came along and bought up all the supplement brands and bombarded the internet with nothing but artificial pills they call ‘nutrition’. No one wants to admit this, but pills are not real nutrition and pills never will be real nutrition. If only everyone said “I need to find healthier food that has more nutrition” instead, then today we would have a lot less chronic illness or maybe none at all. (I know you’ve probably hit the limit on controversy already, but please bear with me—it’s almost over.)
  2. Everything you eat from a box or bag is extremely processed and therefore is dead food. What’s dead food? Food that has very little to no nutrition left, which starves your pancreas, damaging it further.
  3. Hard exercise. I know, everyone and their Gardner has an exercise routine that they think keeps them healthy, but when you exercise while your body is full of drugs, this will also damage your pancreas. Think what would happen if you poured syrup down a gas tank and then revved the engine hard — nothing good can come from that. Walking and other light activities are fine of course. Thousands of people drop dead from a stroke or heart attack every day while on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights and no one ever blames the pharmaceuticals coursing through their veins when it happens and will just blame a ‘weak heart’, an ‘aneurism’ or something else that takes the focus off any pharmaceutical.

I think I will stop at these 3, since these 3 are the most important perspectives to adopt. I know you might not agree with one or maybe even all of these perspectives, but remember I said it’s not the kind of lifestyle you think it would be? In my decades of service to the Diabetic community, it is these perspectives that I have seen change lives permanently.

And I mean go from chronically ill and loaded up on drugs to no chronic illness and completely pill-free and drug-free.

I have seen this many times with my own eyes! And not a single school out there teaches these perspectives to the masses, not a single school and especially not the ones ‘accredited’.

Does anyone around you have these perspectives? I strongly doubt it, because the masses have the allopathic view of their health and not the homeopathic view of their health — and their health is the direct result of their perspectives.

Someone had to tell you this at least once in your lifetime, so you can decide before it’s too late which path you want to continue down — the allopathic path or the homeopathic path. Your doctor is correct that there’s no cure for Diabetes, no cure allopathically anyway, because cures and preventions do not exist in allopathy and they never will.

If you’re still here, I have something very special for you.

Is There A Specific Diet That Cures Diabetes?


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