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Is Veganism The Healthiest Diet

Is Veganism The Healthiest Diet? Billions of people are dieting all over the world right now, especially right here, yet almost all of them will never achieve their health goals.

Why? Because dieting is actually unhealthy!

I know this statement will be met with controversy, but someone has to say it. You see, the country with the most diets and subsequently the most gut problems, is right here in the USA.

You would think with as much freedom as we are supposed to have, the freedom to be healthy would be one of them, but sadly the exact opposite is true nowadays.

All the big brands online, like Amazon and Walmart are filled with fake, nutritionless diet products that do nothing but drain your bank account and ruin your health further, so no matter what diet you are doing, you can rest assured whatever diet product you are eating, drinking or swallowing every day, will not help your health at all and in fact will make it harder for you to reach any health goal you have.

And that is exactly how they like it!

You see, if anything these big retailers sold was actually healthy enough to help everyone achieve any real health, no one would buy anything else, and we both know they cannot let that happen.

This is why they only allow sellers with the most hype and the least health benefits, to ever sell on their platforms, just like Big Pharma will never allow anyone or anything to take business away from their drug sells.

All these big retailers will never allow anyone or anything to decrease the sales of their most popular, yet most useless ‘health’ and ‘diet’ products.

This is how it works out there and there is nothing you or I can do to change how any of them make money, besides you never wasting your money buying anything for your health from any of their platforms of course.

Who knows, maybe eventually more people who finally open their eyes to the truth will also stop buying anything for their health from any of these big retailers.

I mean, it is so obvious to me, just by looking at the ingredients alone on any of these so-called ‘health’ or ‘diet’ products, that you’d have a better chance of winning the lottery than any of these useless products helping you achieve any health goal, especially long-term.

ingredientsOf course most people don’t even read ingredients, so there is not much reason for any brand to change their toxic ingredients in the first place.

If only the masses took action collectively to stop buying anything that is actually unhealthy for them, our world would be a very different place where brands only sold products that made everyone healthy.

But of course that would mean there would no longer be Big Pharma, Big Food or Big Ag, all of which control 99% of the world’s food supply chain and of course support the trillions of dollars the medical industry creates and all the millions of jobs it supports.

It is safe to say, dieting should be the last thing you do if you truly want to achieve all your health goals and beyond, because everything sold out there is just useless, nutritionless and toxic, plus it’s all overpriced, too!

Now if you are thinking there must be a diet that can help me achieve my health goals, it would be the vegan diet, but an enhanced vegan diet you can say, because can you imagine the havoc on your health from eating and drinking plants all day that are raised with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers? This is why so many vegans have food allergies.

Soy, corn and wheat for example, even the “organic” ones, are so thoroughly processed and refined that they are all still very toxic to your entire system and therefore constantly wreak havoc on your gut and your hormones. So, the official answer to Is Veganism The Healthiest Diet? Is YES!

But only when you eat and drink 100% Organic and Raw every day, and for at least 2 meals every day.

Why at least 2 meals every day? Because when at least most of your “diet” consists of eating 100% Organic and Raw every day, even if the rest of what you eat or drink is not 100% Organic and Raw, is enough to dramatically change your health quickly and also long-term.

Now, a diet is considered something you do to achieve a health goal or goals and then you can stop dieting, but what I am talking about is much less a diet and much more a lifestyle.

Because as you know, when you change your lifestyle, especially to a healthy lifestyle, there is never the need to diet!

And that’s what The MealBetix Lifestyle is all about!

So, are you ready to never diet again and instead experience the last 100% Organic and raw lifestyle on earth? Click the image and start today!

Is Veganism The Healthiest Diet

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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