What Is A Vegan Meal Replacement?

So, what is a vegan meal replacement?

Vegans have been around since the first man and woman and there are millions of vegans living here today. In fact, a new study reveals over 19 million Americans are now vegan –a 300% increase since the beginning of the century. So what is a vegan meal replacement? It’s what millions of us should demand we eat every day!

But what happens when you eat very processed vegan meals and snacks every day? You can still develop chronic illness, which you don’t really hear about much. The fact remains, even with the complete saturation of toxic chemicals in our soil all across the country and our plants now beyond contaminated, you still see more and more people turning to the vegan lifestyle.

Why is that you say?

‘Big Food’ has worked tirelessly, pouring billions of dollars into propaganda over the last 100 years to turn the masses into people who distrust certified organic food, which has worked! Just look around and you can see most everyone barely able to walk around and suffering from chronic illness, chronic pain and addicted to pills.

Now, I’m not saying that certified organic food is perfect, but wouldn’t you prefer to eat food that’s at least grown without pesticides and is protected by the strictest food quality certification in the world, than to eat contaminated ‘food’ that is guaranteed to poison you with pesticides, herbicides, toxic fertilizers, sewage sludge, ground up diseased carcasses and everything else they can throw in there?

What about unhealthy vegan meals? This is a serious problem these days, because vegan products are some of the most processed, most unhealthy ‘food’ products out there. In fact, I wouldn’t consider any of the popular vegan products to be actual food, especially after they have been stripped of any vital nutrition and then a slew of preservatives, additives, fillers, artificial sweeteners and of course artificial nutrition are added.

What Is A Vegan Meal Replacement?

And certified organic produce is cheaper now than ever before –often the same price as pesticide-raised produce, when in season of course. And something else you might not have realized about eating organic produce is that you feel full faster, because there’s always more nutrition, more protein and much healthier calories. 

But hey, even if organic produce does cost more, it’s a lot cheaper than chronic illness and it feels a lot better than chronic pain, right? Because that’s what all chronic illness and chronic pain comes from –eating and drinking poison every day. I know, I know, you were told it’s all in your genes and therefore there’s nothing you can do except swallow pills for the rest of your life, I get it, but not only is that one of the worst health lies ever told to the masses, but this lie alone kills millions of men, women and children each year.

But again, back to “what is a vegan meal replacement?”. The best vegan meal replacement should at the very minimum be certified organic, but the quality shouldn’t stop there, since the organic certification that is regulated by the USDA, only requires the soil to be 95% organic, which means certified organic soil can still have 5% contaminants in it or the manufacturer can still add up to 5% non-organic ingredients, like artificial nutrition, artificial sweeteners, fillers and anything else they want to prolong the shelf-life!

Sure, this is better than 100% contaminated soil, which is what conventional soil is, but I think you would prefer to eat food grown in 100% uncontaminated soil, right?

Well, I have some good news for you, because there is still 100% pure, uncontaminated soil left, but not much unfortunately. Where can you find this very rare food grown in this very rare soil that will make you the healthiest vegan on earth?

Right here actually.


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