What Is Happening To Organic Food?

What Is Happening To Organic Food?

I’m sure you already know certified organic food is the healthiest food you can buy at any store, but how organic is “certified organic” exactly these days? Because there is a lot of confusion online and opinions vary more than the number of colors in a rainbow.

I am here to finally set the record straight and stop the confusion once and for all.

Let’s start with the most basic facts. To receive the USDA Organic Certification, the Farmer must prove their soil was not sprayed with anything that is on the USDA prohibited list of pesticides and herbicides, which is most of all the pesticides and most of all the herbicides –I say “most” because pesticide makers are always coming up with new pesticide variants that the USDA is too slow to catch and then add to the USDA prohibited list of pesticides and herbicides.

Next, the farmer must prove that they have not sprayed their soil with anything from the USDA prohibited list of pesticides and herbicides, over the last 3 years –yes, just 3 years! I guess they think decades of spraying the soil with some of the worst toxic chemicals on earth can all disappear after 3 years.

The reason why the USDA has made this one of their new criteria is to meet the growing demand for ‘certified organic’ products, which continues to surge year over year. But this now means none of the ‘certified organic food’ is truly organic, yet they still charge you the inflated prices for it, even though growing ‘organic food’ continues to cost only a fraction compared to spraying crops constantly and disposing the excess of any very hazardous chemicals, which requires you to meet a bunch of expensive EPA regulations.

But this is just the beginning!

Next, after the Farmer sends tons of their ‘organic food’ to all the Manufacturers each week, the Manufacturers then start “processing” all the ‘organic food’ to create thousands of different ‘organic products’ for all the supermarkets and health food stores all across the country.

what is happening to organic food
‘organic’ products lining store shelves

These “processes” include cooking, boiling, pasteurizing, sweetening and of course fortifying with fake nutrition.

Why so many processes?

To achieve the ultimate goal, which is to strip any vital nutrition as much as possible, thereby increasing the shelf-life, while still maintaining the flavors, which is much easier to do when the food is nutritionless or as I like to put it, is “dead food”.

I am sure you know how easy it is strip nutrition from a food simply by processing it, in fact you can just cook it and already start stripping nutrition, so imagine how much nutrition is left after all those processes are done –no wonder everyone turns to ‘supplementation’, which comes with its own slew of corrupt regulations, but don’t get me started on that.

Lastly, supermarkets and health food stores are coating all the ‘organic fruits and vegetables’ with wax, to further prolong shelf-life. For example, apples are coated with shellac and carnauba wax, neither of which are organic of course, and this is to improve their shine, because consumers prefer to buy shiny apples.

So, is there any real organic food left here that you and your family can eat every day and that is chock full of powerfully dense nutrition, including lots of protein, lots of vitamins, lots of minerals and even plenty of plant probiotics?

Yes! It’s called MealBetix and it is already changing lives, from fetus to senior citizens. Click to learn more and start eating the last real organic food left!

What Is Happening To Organic Food

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