Are you sure you want to spend more money on all the overpriced, contaminated food out there, instead of saving $300 every month on your food bill, saving at least 20 hours every month not cooking or cleaning up after 60 meals, and of course never having to buy supplements again? You will save a fortune this year! I don’t know about you, but if I found something that saved me that much money, that much time and even included all my nutrition, that is the last thing I would ever stop! And let’s not forget the fact that MealBetix is the last meal in the country that isn’t utterly contaminated! Of course, the only way you will experience these powerful benefits, is when you consistently replace 2 meals every day with MealBetix

Unfortunately though, sometimes people who begin The MealBetix Lifestyle, somehow end up treating MealBetix like it’s a supplement that they drink once a day and that’s it. That’s why they cannot consistently experience all the amazing benefits. MealBetix is not a supplement, it’s your daily meal replacement that is supposed to replace your daily meals to prevent you from eating or drinking anything out there that can poison you.

So, if my words have convinced you to continue, but you’re saying to yourself you have too much stock right now, what I would say is that you have an opportunity to dramatically improve your health by mixing double or triple every day to make up for the time you lost, so when your next autoship delivery day comes, you’re actually almost out.  

If I could not convince you to continue, even after saying all this, let me help by paying your shipping forever! (USA only)

So, you have two choices, either click the link below and type “Stop” in the subject line OR click the link below and type “Pay My Shipping Forever” in the subject line, with your name. Whichever you decide, please know that I am still proud of you for at least starting The MealBetix Lifestyle.


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