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"I absolutely love that I can replace up to 2 meals a day.."


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"MealBetix is the super convenient way to get really healthy food into you, especially when you're on the go."


I’m Dr Darren Wayne, Your Food Scientist, aka The Food Guru. Our soil is now too contaminated to grow anything that is healthy enough to keep you and your family disease-free! Even “Certified Organic” has never been 100% Organic. Introducing the last 100% Organic survival meals for all us Health Freedom Fighters.

Full Meal

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Right now only available in the USA. International coming very soon.

*Typically 1 can per week or 4 cans per month is enough for 1 person.
1 can = 11 meals, so 4 cans = 44 meals, which is enough to replace 2 meals almost every day of the month.

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Try 1 Free Meal

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One MealBetix meal

$100 $57

Try 11 meals
(1 can)

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$400 $197

44 meals
(4 cans per person)

plus shipping
MealBetix 1 Month


Even most junk food eaters like or love MealBetix, so it must taste good!

All 15 superfoods in MealBetix are grown in the last little bit of soil that is truly uncontaminated and then is freeze dried and that’s it. This means you get to enjoy all the benefits from pure, raw and truly organic food.

Yes! Everyone from fetus to senior citizens.

I don’t think 100% Organic food has ever been sold in stores, because only 95% organic ingredients are required to achieve the organic certification, which means Farmers and Manufacturers can still add up to 5% of whatever they want, including preservatives, additives, artificial nutrition and anything else they want that contaminates organic food. And as far as processing organic food? They always process organic food until there’s no nutrition left and then overcharge you!

There are so many, but some of the first benefits you will experience include better sleep, healthier blood sugar, healthier blood pressure, stronger bones, increased vision and hearing, stronger immune system, faster healing time, less inflammation, even consistent weight loss, and this is just the beginning.

Even though MealBetix is raw, it is also 100% freeze dried, so will last at least 3 years if unopened and then will probably decrease in nutrient potency from that point, if you plan on storing it that long. And then up to a year after it’s opened, as long as you keep it stored in a cool, dry place. But most people finish each can in a week, so I doubt you’ll leave it open for a year. Remember, you can take MealBetix with you wherever you go, so you do not have to refrigerate it.

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