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One On One Consultation With Dr Wayne

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As incredibly simple as The MealBetix Lifestyle is, everyone needs a personal One-On-One Consultation With Dr Wayne every once in a while.

Book your personal One-On-One Phone Consultation With Dr Wayne, aka The Food Guru, and get all your questions answered and receive your own personal program that fits your life and your schedule, so The MealBetix Lifestyle can be the last lifestyle you ever need to get and stay truly healthy every day.

1 phone consultation is about 1 hour.

Order as many consultations as you need and be sure to mention in the checkout comment box the best time, your time zone, and the best day Dr Wayne can call you and that is the exact day and time Dr Wayne will call you.

The soonest you can book your consultation with Dr Wayne is tomorrow, including Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so just mention a day and time that is best for you.

4 reviews for One On One Consultation With Dr Wayne

  1. Lora

    Another awesome consult Dr Wayne! We need more people like you in this sick world.

    • The Food Guru

      Thank you Lora. I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work.

  2. Michael

    Thank you Dr Wayne! Definitely gave me a lot to think about. I am sure I can do this.

    • The Food Guru

      You absolutely can do this Michael.

  3. Lora

    That was an incredible consult Dr Wayne, thank you! I learned more from you in our hour than I did in all my years in healthcare.

    • The Food Guru

      I’m so glad Lora! You’re making good decisions in your life, especially for your health. Keep going!

  4. James

    I had a consultation today with Dr. Wayne (So worth it) and it was so probing and profound that I know at this moment that The MealBetix Lifestyle is the future I have been searching for.

    What really was key to me, wasn’t all the various diet types and their so-called individual deficiencies but rather the fact that the soil here is so toxic that it doesn’t matter what diet you choose to do, if you’re not eating 100% Clean every day, which is what The MealBetix Lifestyle can provide, you are wasting your time, your money and ruining your health. I want to thank The Food Guru from the bottom of my heart for helping me see this much more clearly now and guiding me to true health. I am ready to finally heal!

    • The Food Guru

      You are such an amazing person James and I am so grateful to be able to help you achieve more health than you ever thought possible.

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