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Introducing the last truly 100% Clean low carb meal for all ages, from fetus to senior citizen. And you found it! No longer will you have to worry about what’s healthy to eat every day, nor will you have to worry about the food poisoning epidemic that affects millions every day here, because you can mix at least 2 tablespoons in a 12 oz cup of water or a thermos, for 2 meals OR 2 snacks every day and continually enjoy a lot more health a lot more savings than most everyone!

MealBetix also includes ALL your nutrition, from A-Z, a plethora of antioxidants, plenty of plant probiotics and more protein than a steak. This is keto, paleo, whole30, raw, vegan, low carb, high protein and 100% Clean –the best of everything!

Take a can of MealBetix with you when you’re at work all day or a couple cans with you while traveling or camping, so you always have a healthy source of real food right by your side –a life-saver when wanting to avoid any unhealthy cravings, too!

You can also order the monthly delivery for anyone else, just by increasing the quantity below.

*This special discount is for automatic monthly delivery, so you never run out. (single cans not on auto-ship order here)

*Please mark your calendar exactly 30 days from today, so you do not forget when your next month of MealBetix will be mailed out.

Pause anytime by sending an email to with your full name and “Pause” in the subject, and that’s it, but why would you ever want to stop eating truly healthy and finally consistently improve your health while spending less than junk food?
MealBetix is the last 100% Clean food left on earth!

23 reviews for 4 MealBetix (Monthly Auto-Delivery)

  1. Lisa

    You are Amazing and I appreciate all your effort to assist me. The customer service is awesome and compassionate and MealBetix is great. What a blessing you are to the world. Blessings Blessing Blessings! Thank you so much.

    • The Food Guru

      Wow! Thank you so much for your support Lisa! Your words inspire me to keep fighting for the last clean food we have left here.

  2. Jack

    It’s been a few months now and I have to leave a review. Never have I ever thought I can feel this healthy. None of my doctors and none of my family ever thought I could feel this healthy.

    • The Food Guru

      That is wonderful news Jack! You are proof eating truly clean every day can change everything.

  3. Marian

    I have received my MealBetix again today. Thank you as always. At first, I was only replacing one meal a day, but once I started replacing two meals a day, I have not been sick or have since even felt any aches or pains. A lot of my friends complain about aches and pains that they are having, and how many doctors that they go see to try and get better. They also constantly take a lot of drugs that are harmful. And a lot of them have trouble walking, and their balance is off. I just can’t believe that these people aren’t hip to the games that these doctors are playing on them. I can only live by example. I still have a running and exercise program that I get to most days. I am so glad that I found you and listen to what you say. I will be 76 in a couple of weeks and look forward to it. Also, I passed my driving vision test easily, so I am proof that MealBetix will even improve your vision, and my brain is still retaining information and functioning well. I am so happy. Thank you for your support, and it is a pleasure to have you and MealBetix in my life.

    • The Food Guru

      So great to hear from you Marian and thank you so much for sharing your progress. You are truly an amazing person and I am so proud of you. If only more people could experience The MealBetix Lifestyle, they could finally experience real health.

  4. Patrick

    Hi Food Guru! Just wanted to leave you a testimonial, because you really deserve it. I know it’s been hard for you to keep all the food in MealBetix 100% Clean for us, but please know that my family and I appreciate you and MealBetix from the bottom of our hearts. Never have we ever felt this many benefits from only food before. MealBetix is definitely worth its weight in gold!

    • The Food Guru

      Wow Patrick…thank you so much for your support. I will continue to fight for our food.

  5. Brenda

    Could I add another monthly auto-ship for my husband? He wants the health MealBetix has given me!

    • The Food Guru

      You got it Brenda. Keep up the great work!

  6. Charmaine

    I signed my daughter up to receive MealBetix monthly just 3 months ago and she called me up today in tears, because her chronic pain is finally gone! Thank you for saving my daughter’s life!!

    • The Food Guru

      That is such wonderful news Charmaine! So proud of your daughter for reaching her goal. This is just the beginning.

  7. Taylor

    Can I mix more than 2 tablespoons per meal?

    • The Food Guru

      Absolutely. 2 tablespoons each meal is just the minimum. Personally I like mixing 3-4 tablespoons each meal and even 5 tablespoons pre-workout.

  8. Alice

    You’re right it does taste good. I’m mixing it in a 12 oz cup of water every morning for breakfast and then lunch a little extra until dinner time. Thank you for such clean food!

    • The Food Guru

      You’re welcome Alice! Keep up the great work.

  9. Lisa

    So happy I found you! All the diets push their glyphosate-filled meal plans and then blame you if you do not achieve your health goal. Never going back! Love MealBetix!

    • The Food Guru

      I am happy you found us, too! And your progress is incredible Lisa. Keep going!

  10. Rowan

    I started just last week and today my headaches are gone, I slept better than I have in years and for the first time since I don’t remember when, my eyes actually don’t look glassy. I am a true believer now. Thank you for MealBetix.

    • The Food Guru

      That is so great to hear Rowan. And this is just the beginning! The MealBetix Lifestyle will change your life.

  11. Arya

    Do I need to refrigerate after opening? And how many monthly deliveries can I order at one time? I want everyone in my family to start MealBetix.

    • The Food Guru

      You do not need to refrigerate after opening Arya. And as of this moment you can order as many monthly deliveries as you need.

  12. Bolin

    So far I’ve been replacing 2 meals every day for the last few months and I didn’t expect so many benefits already, so I had to leave a review. I want to thank you for MealBetix from the bottom of my heart. My family hasn’t seen me this healthy in a very long time.

    • The Food Guru

      This is just the beginning Bolin. Wait until next month!

  13. Debra

    Just wanted to tell you that since I started MealBetix I have been able to safely wean myself off all my medication and have stopped buying supplements, since I can now see MealBetix has all the nutrition I will ever need. I didn’t think this could ever happen but I am 100% Pill-Free! And I have now lost 50 lbs! I also have more energy than I have ever had before and I actually have a really good metabolism now. I can just go on and on. Thank you for creating MealBetix, Dr Darren. I am forever grateful. And can you send me 5 MealBetix each month?

    • Dr Wayne

      Congratulations Debra! I knew you could do it! It’s so simple. Just replace 2 meals every day and that’s it. You are now living proof. Keep going! And I will change your monthly delivery from 4 MB to 5 MB monthly. So proud of you.

  14. Richard

    This is wonderful! I can’t wait to start. I have been searching for 100% Clean meals for years and now my search is over. Thank you!

    • Dr Wayne

      So glad you found MealBetix Richard!

  15. Cecil

    I have been trying MealBetix for over a month now and I can honestly say this is the healthiest food I have ever eaten. And to think I grew up on a farm! Already I am enjoying a lot more energy, more focus and I am sleeping better, too. I am excited for my health. Thank you.

    • Dr Wayne

      That is wonderful Cecil! This is just the beginning. Keep going.

  16. Lillie

    Thank you for this great discount and automatic delivery. This is really going to save me lots of time and money.

    • Dr Wayne

      Yes, it will! This is the future of real food shopping for yourself and your family.

  17. Stacie

    I really like this taste. Thank you for making this so easy to continue.

    • Dr Wayne

      So glad you like the taste Stacie. And you’re welcome. Keep up the great work!

  18. Becky

    Just about at the 8 week mark. I’m still loving it!

    • Dr Wayne

      That’s great Becky!

  19. Ernesto

    I tried every diet out there and I either felt hungry all the time or light-headed. I haven’t felt either after I started eating MealBetix.

    • Dr Wayne

      Because this is real food Ernesto. Keep going!

  20. Nora

    I received it fast. Thank you!

    • Dr Wayne

      You’re very welcome Nora. Enjoy!

  21. Sam

    I’ve never tasted anything like this before, but it’s still somehow familiar. Thank you for making sure it tastes great. I think I can eat this for years to come.

    • Dr Wayne

      That’s great to hear Sam!

  22. Judy

    I was a little skeptical that something 100% organic can actually be delicious and also satisfy me, but it is and it has!! Good job Dr Wayne.

    • mealbetix

      Thank you Judy. Keep up the great work!

  23. Ron

    I took a few cans with me on the road and I didn’t crave any junk food during my whole trip. This really works. Thank you! Oh and I lost 22 lbs since I started.

    • mealbetix

      That is wonderful Ron! You are doing great.

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