MealBetix (singles – $5.18 per meal, which is cheaper than junk food)

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Introducing the only 100% Organic Meal Replacement. And you found it! No longer will you have to worry about what to eat every day, because you will mix 1 heaping table spoon in a 12 oz cup of water or a thermos, for 1 or 2 meals every day. Includes all your nutrition, from A-Z, plenty of plant probiotics and more protein than a steak! This is keto, paleo and vegan – the best of everything. And low carbs, too! Take a can with you when you’re staying outside all day or traveling, so you always have a healthy source of real food that also helps balance your blood sugar daily.

11 meals in 1 can. Only $5.18 per meal. Enjoy!

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11 reviews for MealBetix (singles – $5.18 per meal, which is cheaper than junk food)

  1. Kari

    I tried 2 cans of MealBetix and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much, but today I feel incredible, like somehow the food in MealBetix is rejuvenating everything in my body. I will definitely continue. Thank you for growing this amazing food.

    • Dr Wayne

      That is so wonderful Kari. So proud of you! This is just the beginning. The longer you continue MealBetix, the more benefits you will experience.

  2. Marcy

    So I have been mixing MealBetix for my lunch every day for the last 12 days and so far I noticed I lost 8 pounds, have a lot more energy and I woke up feeling a lot more refreshed today. I can’t wait to see what I feel at the end of the month. Thank you for growing this wonderful food. My husband will start this week, too.

    • Dr Wayne

      That is so great to hear Marcy! You and your Husband will surely experience more health than anyone else around you. Keep going!

  3. Sheila

    I just checked my A1C and it’s 6%!! It’s been over 7% for years. And I only ate 4 cans of MealBetix so far. This is fantastic💃

    • Dr Wayne

      That is fantastic Sheila! Wait until next month.

  4. Jackie

    I searched online for another 100% Organic Diabetic Meal Replacement and sure enough you have the only one.

    • Dr Wayne

      I’m glad you noticed that. Junk products have saturated the internet.

  5. Marvin

    I’m more than happy to offer my honest review. So it’s been 14 days since I began replacing 2 meals every day and I actually feel great. I think I went down a size, too. I have more free time during the day, because I don’t have to prepare two meals nor do I have to buy my meals, either. You are absolutely right about saving time and saving money. Who would’ve thought MealBetix could do all this. I’m definitely a believer now.

    • Dr Wayne

      Wow! Thank you for that incredible review Marvin. I hope no one thinks I paid you to say that 😉 I look forward to hearing good things in the future.

  6. TJ

    Do you make a 1 month (40 meals) sized can?

    • Dr Wayne

      I could, but it might be a bit too big to carry around. Currently each can is enough for a week of meals and still fit anywhere.

  7. Maria

    It does have a great taste. Thank you.

    • Dr Wayne

      Glad you like the taste Maria. Keep it up!

  8. Sandra

    Really look forward to trying MealBetix. If it tastes as good as you say I will continue to eat it for a long time.

    • mealbetix

      I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  9. Lilly

    Finally don’t have to cook.

    • Dr Wayne

      That’s great Lilly! Cooking can be such a drag at times.

  10. Ivan

    I received my 2 cans yesterday and all day today I have been mixing MealBetix for every meal and every snack. So far I feel great and I’ve been checking my blood glucose all day long and not one spike. I haven’t even been in my kitchen all day 😉

    • mealbetix

      That’s great Ivan!

  11. Bethany

    Update: I’ve been mixing MealBetix for 3 weeks now and so far so good. I have noticed a few changes in my health that I did not expect, including some weight-loss, which is really great. I’ll keep going and update you again soon.

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