case studies

Case Studies

Rebecca was always checking her blood sugar, at least 6 times per day, especially while she was at work, because she was always too busy to prepare her meals and snacks at home — seriously, who has the time to do that every day? She was diagnosed Type 2 as a young adult and became borderline Type 1 last year. Obviously the 15 years of artificial insulin and doing diets did nothing to improve her health, in fact, all of that has only made it worse.

2 months ago she started eating MealBetix for her breakfast at first, which was great, because she could literally finish her breakfast in 10 seconds and be out the door already.

But when she started eating MealBetix for both breakfast and lunch is when she noticed some serious changes in her health. She wasn’t only saving a lot of time every day replacing two meals and she wasn’t only saving a lot of money — even more important than that, she was noticing that she did not have to check her blood sugar as often, not as often at all actually. And this is after just a couple weeks of replacing two meals each day with MealBetix. Imagine what she will experience a month from now. The MealBetix Lifestyle has already started changing her life.


Daniel had a heart attack 2 years ago and has been paranoid ever since. He’s tried many diets and takes a slew of pills every day, hoping to lower his LDL and his blood pressure, but both have steadily risen over time. He is 42 now and his Doctor tells him he is dangerously close to another heart attack, so he was prescribed more pills, which now gives him serious headaches, aggravates his asthma and he can’t sleep much, because he developed a serious case of night sweats and insomnia.

That’s when he started to research healthy lifestyles that can heal his heart and he found The MealBetix Lifestyle to be the healthiest by far. After just 30 days eating MealBetix every day, his LDL went from 198 mg/dL down to 124 mg/dL and his HDL went from 35 mg/dL to 50 mg/dL. It’s safe to say Daniel will continue eating MealBetix every day. The MealBetix Lifestyle has already started changing his life.

Laura has lived with chronic kidney disease for over 10 years now. She’s only 51 years old, but often feels a lot older. She started eating ‘low carb meals’, but her health did not improve much or any improvement was only temporary. She did not realize that all the ‘low carb food’ sold online and in stores out there are all contaminated and thoroughly processed and therefore can harm her kidneys.

When she found The MealBetix Lifestyle two months ago she was really excited that she could actually eat MealBetix as often as she wanted and even take MealBetix with her wherever she goes, so she would not feel tempted to eat or drink anything unhealthy around her.

Laura also said she has more energy all morning and doesn’t feel as sleepy or tired, either. “After just two months replacing my breakfast and lunch has made me a true believer.” Laura’s parents are also so happy they have their happy, energetic daughter back. The MealBetix Lifestyle has already started changing her life.

Steve has been obese for as long as he can remember. He literally tried every diet out there, did the fat camps all through High School and College, even gastric bypass surgery. He lost almost 100 pounds after that, but as the years went by, he eventually gained it all back and more. At 36 years old he developed T1 Diabetes and his health really took a nosedive.

The day before he started started The MealBetix Lifestyle he was 380 pounds. 90 days later he was 290 pounds and his blood sugar was the healthiest he recalls it ever being. That’s 90 pounds gone in 90 days! Now, keep in mind that Steve followed The MealBetix Lifestyle every day, which means he replaced at least 2 meals every day. And sometimes between meals he snacked on clean raw nuts and drank clean herbal tea. And what’s also great is he did not have to do any hard exercise—he just walked around the block a couple times a few days a week.

He said, “I haven’t lost any muscle and my skin is actually firming instead of sagging. Also, my A1C has been the lowest I have seen in years.”


Barbra and her husband were Preppers for many years and they ate every day the food they stored, because they thought it was healthy enough, but their health continued to deteriorate until her husband had a heart attack, then they decided to become a 100% Clean Prepper and so they started searching for truly 100% Clean food that they could store, but they soon realized nothing is 100% Clean and raw and/or all are very processed. The MealBetix Lifestyle changed that and now they are eating healthier than they ever thought possible.


Aliza became a vegan 10 years ago, and it was great at first, but she soon realized all the vegan snacks and meals out there are filled with preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and even GMOs, and so she tried to find 100% Clean vegan snacks and meals, but all the ‘food’ sold at stores is not 100% Clean and instead are all terribly processed. She recently found The MealBetix Lifestyle and never looked back! Not only can Aliza finally eat 100% Clean food that is also, and eat it every day, but even take MealBetix with her to work, on trips, hiking or anywhere else!

Next, how much time and money can The MealBetix Lifestyle save you each month?

*i.e. vitamins, minerals, supplements, protein, probiotics..

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