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The MealBetix Story is the origin story of the last truly 100% Clean low carb meal on earth! Since our industrial revolution began 200 years ago, our food supply has been steadily becoming more and more contaminated and stripped of the vital nutrition your body needs to maintain any sort of health. 

And since the beginning of this century we have seen more chronic illness than any century before, know why? 

vegetables with high fiberBecause our food supply has been beyond contaminated for a long time now, all the way to the point of our food now poisoning us —that’s right! If you are reading this and you have any allergies, chronic illness or chronic pain, then that means you have been poisoned all your life.

As a Food Scientist since the 90s, I have seen a lot, more than I’d like to see actually. For a long time I was able to send friends to the local health food store to buy healthy foods to eat daily and saw their health change dramatically because of it, but nowadays the food that was once healthy, is now contaminated and toxic.

You can say it became frustrating for me and for my friends who wanted to improve their health.
The problem was that they had to eat a lot more health food all day and spend a lot more, too. I couldn’t continue this way and I couldn’t force my friends and family to continue this way, either, so many years later I started formulating my own 100% Clean Low Carb meal for my own family and then I shared it with my friends from all over the country.

After a short while I started receiving testimonials, but these testimonials were different than the testimonials you would expect, because they were very emotional.

I mean, you can see testimonials for the worst ‘health products’ with the most unhealthy artificial ingredients, but the testimonials I received for MealBetix were from people crying while happy.

That’s when I knew I was on to something no one has out there –truly 100% Clean and unprocessed low carb meals!

Too bad I didn’t record those video Skype calls, because they were powerful indeed. But then again I was just gathering data and refining my formula more and more at that time.

I knew it was one thing to make a convenient low carb meal truly clean and unprocessed, but it’s something entirely different to make it taste truly delicious without adding any artificial sweeteners or flavors like everyone else does.

It took every ounce of focus and experience to create the first 100% Clean (absolutely no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no GMOs and of course never cooked or refined in any way), plus make it low carb,  gluten-free, vegan, keto, paleo, atkins, mediterranean, whole30 and of course delicious!

But this is what I had to do or I couldn’t help anyone much anymore. I mean, what’s the point of having food knowledge when the food you recommend is contaminated?

I know this doesn’t stop most anyone nowadays who continue to recommend diets and recipes to everyone they talk to, even though all the food they recommend is full of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, full of GMOs, mixed with artificial nutrition and/or completely processed, but I couldn’t in good conscience let anyone poison themselves, even slightly.

This is how MealBetix was born..

I wanted a real source of truly clean low carb meals for myself and my family and that we could eat anywhere we go and anywhere anyone else goes. MealBetix had to be easy to carry around with you and easy to mix in water, too. Why?

Because most people work all day or travel a lot and we both know there are no truly healthy low carb meals in vending machines or at the gas station or liquor stores, let alone overpriced supermarkets and health food stores.

Now, MealBetix is not only convenient, but has 15 superfoods that you cannot buy at any health food store, because stores do not sell 100% Clean Low Carb food. In fact, the 15 superfoods in MealBetix are extremely rare. Why? Because there’s very little soil and water left here that is still truly 100% Clean, pure and actually contaminant-free, and I found it!

You would be surprised to learn just how expensive it is to grow and of course maintain this very rare soil, too. Industries are attacking every part of the world now, destroying ecosystems left and right, while poisoning humans and animals everywhere. It’s nothing short of a war over our soil and food.

If you are going to try to eat and drink healthy every day, don’t you want your food to be 100% Clean? Of course you do, everyone does.

No one wants to eat or drink anything overpriced and contaminated every day, but this is what most everyone does every day, and when they become sick, they are poisoned even more from all the ‘treatments’!

How do you start eating MealBetix? It’s very simple actually.

1 can of MealBetix will last you a whole week and has 15 meals inside every can of MealBetix, so you can replace 2 meals every day easily and/or eat between meals to curb any cravings while working, which is how everyone who continues The MealBetix Lifestyle is saving $300+ every month on their food bill, per person!

Another exciting benefit you will experience from MealBetix is that it contains all your nutrition, from A-Z, including plenty of plant probiotics and more protein than a steak!  

Only 4 cans per month per person is all you need, so if you and another wants to eat MealBetix, then you can just increase your quantity.

Are you ready to experience The MealBetix Lifestyle right now?

There is a very generous discount applied right now to make it really easy for you and someone you know to start, while you can still enjoy this extremely rare meal.

Click the image below to start and let’s chat soon.

What Is MealBetix? Real Natural Health!

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late!

9 thoughts on “The MealBetix Story”

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  2. what is a healthy snack?
    I need to lose 50 pounds will this help better than intermittent fasting or keto?
    How do you make your product with no contamination?

    1. Hi Karen! A healthy snack can definitely be MealBetix or MealBetix can replace your meals. And the longer you continue The MealBetix Lifestyle, the more weight-loss you can expect. 50 lbs should take a few months as long as you are consistent of course. And the only way to make MealBetix 100% contaminant-free is to grow all the plants in 100% contaminant-free soil. How do I know the soil is 100% contaminant-free? Soil samples! Lots of soil samples! And consistent soil samples to ensure there is absolutely no contamination ever, for if I find even the tiniest contamination, I wouldn’t feed my own family anything from that garden ever again. This makes MealBetix extremely rare food indeed.

    1. Yes. And unlike all the diets out there that starve away your healthy fat and muscle, which causes rebound and forces your skin to lose its elasticity, The MealBetix Lifestyle removes all the unhealthy fat from every cell in your body. So if you have 20 lbs, 40 lbs or even 100 lbs of unhealthy fat, then you will continue to lose weight healthfully with no rebound and you will never lose skin elasticity.

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