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Our world is ruled by tyrants of all shapes and sizes, and their goal is to keep you sick for as long as possible, until your insurance runs out, then they hope you drain your lifesavings. They know it doesn’t matter which drug doctor or ‘specialist’ you see, because no matter who you see, their goal is to keep you enslaved to Big Pharma! I am here to tell you that those days are over! My HOLISTIC HEALTH MASTER CLASS will end the cycle of disease for you and your family, because all chronic illness is man-made! And anything man creates, nature can reverse holistically, when you understand how it works. Once you complete your HOLISTIC HEALTH MASTER CLASS, you will never be one of their victims again and I will be here to encourage you all the way back to health.


  1. Liza

    Thank you so much for this Dr Wayne! I know a lot of people don’t want to hear the truth these days, but I really needed to learn this, so I can take care of myself and not have to depend on Big Pharma. Thank you so much!

    • The Food Guru

      You are so welcome Liza! I am very proud of you.

  2. George

    You are right about this being controversial but also everything you said was true! If I only found you sooner I could have saved my Father, but at least I can help the family I have left. Thank you.

    • The Food Guru

      Yes! Your family is now blessed.

  3. Ryan

    I loved it! Thank you! Now I can see why I’ve been sick for so long. I wish everyone knew this.

    • The Food Guru

      Congratulations Ryan! Looking forward to hearing your progress.

  4. Barbara

    Let me just say that after completing your Holistic Health Master Class just a few minutes ago, I will now do everything within my power to protect you! No one and I mean no one has ever explained it to me the way you just did and you might be the last one left! You have saved me and my family’s lives.

    • The Food Guru

      You’re my first review Barbara! SO glad you enjoyed the last real Holistic Health Master Class. So proud of you!

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