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Junk Food Vegan

There are millions of Vegans here, but most of them are junk food Vegans. What is a junk food Vegan? A junk food Vegan is a Vegan who regularly consumes highly processed foods that are primarily made in science labs, hence junk food.

And some popular junk food vegan choices are the Oreo biscuits, soy chorizo and of course a variety of so-called vegan ‘cheeses’.

mealbetixHave you ever looked at the ingredients in all these junk food vegan products? They are all just terrible!

Everything from soy, corn and wheat, the 3 most contaminated crops here, to a slew of preservatives, additives, fillers and artificial sweeteners –because you have to make it sweet of course – and then they throw in some artificial nutrition –because they have to make you feel like you’re somehow eating something nutritious.

And this is what all the junk food Vegans here eat and drink every single day, because they were told this is what you can eat as a Vegan.

Inside the diet and health food industry, there are of course thousands of junk food versions that have a loyal customer base, and this is what the junk food manufacturers are always on the lookout for.

When the vegan lifestyle started to become popular, junk food manufacturers started making junk food vegan products.

When the vegetarian lifestyle started to become popular, junk food manufacturers started making vegetarian junk food.

When the keto lifestyle started to become popular, junk food manufacturers started making keto junk food for those looking for “keto fast foods near me“.

When the paleo lifestyle started to become popular, junk food manufacturers started making paleo junk food, and so on.


And as long as there is a market for junk food and the masses continue to eat the junk food of course, there will always be junk food in every market.

But do you know the junk food that bothers me the most? Organic junk food!

Organic junk food should not exist, because if it’s junk food, there is no way it should ever be called organic, but just like all the other junk food out there, organic junk food not only ruins the health of everyone who eats or drinks it, but also perpetuates the assumption that organic food isn’t much healthier than conventional food that is openly sprayed with thousands of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, toxic fertilizers and of course GMOs!

mealbetixHow would you feel if you were an Organic Farmer who spends almost every waking moment of his or her life trying to elevate the status of organic food, not to mention work tirelessly to keep Monsanto and their toxic GMO seeds off your land, just to turn around and hear the masses calling your organic food no different than all the contaminated conventional GMO poison they sell everywhere.

But then again, most of these Organic Farmers know their organic food is being contaminated by the manufacturer when they add preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and of course all the artificial nutrition they throw in, too, plus are refined, cooked and even irradiated to extend shelf-life.

This is the reality we live in these days and there is nothing you or I can do to change what they do to organic food, nor can we change what the masses believe, but thankfully of course you and I can still experience the last 100% Clean Vegan meal on earth, from The MealBetix Lifestyle.

The MealBetix Lifestyle will provide you truly 100% Clean and 100% Vegan meals every day!

And these meals are completely untouched by any of the pollution and contamination out there, which is especially great for Vegans or anyone seeking a truly 100% Clean plant-based meals you can depend on every day and even take with you wherever you go. Very rare!

And yes, the food in MealBetix is extremely healthy and delicious, too! There is literally nothing else in MealBetix besides the raw 100% clean and 100% raw food itself.

And all ages can replace their meals with MealBetix every day, from fetus to senior.


mealbetixDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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