Titanium Dioxide Side-Effects

Titanium Dioxide Side-Effects

Titanium Dioxide is everywhere now, in foods, drinks, supplements and drugs alike, yet very little is known about the titanium dioxide side-effects.

What is titanium dioxide used for?

It’s a whitening agent found in breads, bagels, pizza, pastries and everything from candies to cheeses and gum in the US, but has been banned in the EU for more than a decade for being very toxic!

Also known as the “yoga mat’’ chemical, because it is found in foamed plastic, titanium dioxide side-effects include asthma and respiratory issues in exposed workers and, when baked, it causes cancer! 

Unlike the EU, the US does not have agencies like EFSA that offer independent scientific evaluation of new chemicals brought to the market.

And while the EU has consistently updated its methods and processes for evaluating new chemicals, some experts say “the US system, set up over half a century ago, needs updating” –well, that’s definitely obvious.

But why do they have to make everything white?

Because this is what consumers demand! They want the dough to look white, so they can bake their pizzas, their cakes, their donuts, their cookies and of course their breads!

And because white refined flour is the cheapest flour there is, they still use white flour to bake brown ‘whole wheat’ bread –how? With brown coloring of course.

And oftentimes you will not even see “titanium dioxide” listed as an ingredient in many bread and pastry products, because bakers do not have to show the ingredients in the flour itself, only what they added after the flour!

ingredients en.11.400

This typical bread label is what you will see instead, which is just awful by itself, even without showing the titanium dioxide. And this is what the masses consume every day of their life!

tOXIC cHEMICALS fOUND iN cOSMETICSAnd let’s not forget that cosmetics contain lots of titanium dioxide, too, especially all the “whitening” makeup you see, and also so many soaps and creams –titanium dioxide is absolutely everywhere!

Is it any wonder why chronic illness continues to wreak havoc on the masses?

When you poison yourself every day, it won’t matter how much yoga you do or how much exercise you do, because the poison accumulates in every cell of your body and will not leave until you stop poisoning yourself and of course start eating clean every day.

And if you think that sounds controversial, wait until I tell you that doing any exercise will actually circulate the poison around your body faster, damaging organs faster, because exercise is only as healthy as you eat and drink every day.

In other words, if you do not eat or drink clean every day, then exercise will speed up the damage to your organs faster. Oppositely, when you eat and drink 100% Clean every day, exercise compliments your health.

If you have ever thought of exercise differently than this way, then you can blame a lifetime of exercise propaganda.

Many who have started The MealBetix Lifestyle have told me their workouts are far more productive, even to the point of exercising half as many times and achieving twice the results!

It’s truly amazing what The MealBetix Lifestyle can do for you, especially when you replace a couple meals every day with truly 100% Clean food.

And eating 100% clean food every day has the extra benefit of cleaning out a lifetime of titanium dioxide and thousands of other toxic chemicals.

So few will ever experience this level of health in their life, this amazing rejuvenation, so join me in the fight to take back your health!


mealbetixDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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