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Is There Glyphosate In Organic Food

Over 100 million people here eat organic food at least often, because they want to avoid toxic carcinogens like glyphosate, so this begs the question, Is There Glyphosate In Organic Food?

We all know too well now how much glyphosate has infiltrated the whole earth, but most of us believe glyphosate is not in the organic food supply, otherwise it would not be organic at all, but rather conventional.

And though the USDA requires all Organic Farmers never use glyphosate or any herbicide for that matter, glyphosate does in fact infiltrate organic farmland every day.

How? All the conventional farms around them of course!

For every Organic Farmer, there are several Conventional Farmers all around that one Organic Farmer.

This is like claiming you have never smoked in your life, and that could very well be true, but that doesn’t mean you have never breathed in secondhand smoke and all the nicotine and the thousands of toxic chemicals along with it, because smokers are everywhere.

75% of Pesticide Demand Supplied Domestically | Financial TribuneJust like you cannot claim your garden is organic, because you have never sprayed anything, but again that doesn’t mean the millions of people living around you have not sprayed outside; I guarantee most of them spray all the time, which blows into your yard every day, contaminating everything.

How can you be sure?

Do what I do…take soil samples regularly. This is the only way to be sure, but then again who’s going to do this. I will! I have to! For you!

Cross contamination is a serious problem no one seems to address when talking about organic food, especially not the USDA.

You see, the USDA wants you to believe that their Organic Certification means it is absolutely 100% Organic and therefore 100% glyphosate-free, but it has never meant that and never will mean that.

In fact, the USDA clearly states on their website” achieve the Organic Certification requires 95% organic.” So, what exactly is the other 5% for? Error of course.

The error being the cross contamination, otherwise the USDA would not state 95% but 100%, and we both know that is not possible, since everything contaminates everything else.

Now, I am not saying certified organic is not any better than conventionally grown plants, because of course certified organic is better, but that doesn’t mean certified organic is 100% glyphosate-free, either. And this is my point.

This is the same logic and the same perspective you should apply to anything that is certified organic.

Certified Organic is really just the beginning, a foundation to build on, not end on.

That’s why I created The MealBetix Lifestyle
Is There Glyphosate In Organic Food

You see, the soil all across the country, including all the organic farmland, has been infiltrated by glyphosate.

How? Again, cross contamination.

You do not have to spray glyphosate directly on your farmland to contaminate it, just be downwind from a conventional farm that sprays constantly –that’s enough to cross contaminate everything within a 50 mile radius easily.

So you could have a conventional farm 20 miles away from your organic farm and that’s enough to cross contaminate that organic farm, especially when both farms use the same water well, which many do.

Is There Glyphosate In Organic FoodAnd then let’s also not forget the runoff that’s full of not only glyphosate, but thousands of pesticides, other herbicides, fungicides, artificial fertilizer and of course GMOs, all from these conventional farms that have been polluting streams, rivers and lakes everywhere for over a century.

Seriously, how could certified organic farmland ever stay 100% glyphosate-free when the water they use on all their organic farmland is filled with glyphosate runoff and other toxic chemicals from all the conventional farms around them?

Is There Glyphosate In Organic FoodIt’s not like there is some sort of force field that keeps glyphosate and pesticides out of organic farmland, because there is not.

And then let’s not forget the chemtrails that fall to the earth that are also full of glyphosate and even aluminum.Is There Glyphosate In Organic Food

I read a report years ago that claimed glyphosate can reach 10,000 feet above sea level, including arsenic (used in all pesticides) and aluminum particles, which most likely came from the billions of tons of chemtrails that fall to the earth constantly, also contaminating farmland, backyards, rivers, streams, lakes and waterways all across the country.

So, now that you can see glyphosate contaminates everything all over the world, you can understand just how incredibly rare it is to find any soil anywhere here that is truly 100% Organic, and I found it!

And I found only a few small patches of soil that are all truly 100% glyphosate-free! But there is not much, so I use every square inch to grow 15 superfoods for MealBetix, which is the foundation of The MealBetix Lifestyle.  

Is There Glyphosate In Organic Food

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is probably the last Food Scientist left not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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