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Benefits Of Eating Clean


More and more people are discovering the Benefits Of Eating Clean, but what are the benefits exactly?

First, you need to know why more and more people are discovering the Benefits Of Eating Clean, which is simple –to avoid the pollution and therefore contamination in all the food we find at the supermarket and health food stores these days.

Benefits Of Eating Clean

The contamination is so bad, that everything you buy at the supermarket and health food store is now either extremely contaminated or at the very least, a little contaminated, not to mention extremely processed! Why do they process everything?

To extend shelf-life of course –they don’t actually care whether it’s healthy or not, even though they work hard trying to prove to you that their contaminated, extremely processed junk is ‘healthy’.

But then again, that’s like saying there’s only a little poison in it, so it’s ok. Ridiculous, right? Food cannot be a little contaminated and still be called food, and especially not clean food.

Just like you can’t eat donuts and drink soda, then expect to exercise away all that junk –that’s not how it works and never will.

The New Way Of Poisoning Your Fruits And Vegetables
The New Way of Poisoning Your Produce

It’s all or nothing when it comes to achieving any real health, especially permanent health. So if anyone ever told you that you can just wash off the pesticides and GMOs, you were lied to.

Why do I mention this? Because the Benefits Of Eating Clean can only be experienced when you are actually eating 100% Clean food every day, not sort of clean and not mostly clean, either, but only 100% Clean.

Also, most of what you eat every day must be 100% Clean for you to experience consistent benefits daily.

What this means is at least 2 meals every day must be 100% Clean, otherwise it will not be enough for you to experience any significant benefits consistently, especially if you also eat fast food regularly.

I know most everyone prefers to eat whatever they want during the day then maybe once a day or every other day replace a meal or a snack with something they believe is healthy, but I’m not talking about something everyone thinks is healthy, especially since everyone has their own opinion about what is healthy.

I’m talking about eating truly 100% Clean meals every day, at least twice per day.

And just so you know, 100% Clean anything is not sold at any supermarket or health food store, so don’t bother looking.

I have searched high and low for decades and all I have seen is everything go from bad to utter poison today.

Why do I call anything not 100% Clean, poison? Because that’s what pollution or contamination means –poison–.

I realize we cannot escape pollution, since it’s all around us, in our air and water, too, but that doesn’t mean there does not still exist 100% Clean soil that can grow 100% Clean food, because there does still exist this soil, and even though you may consider this soil very rare, I found it!

That’s where The MealBetix Lifestyle was born, from this very rare 100% Clean soil.

15 truly 100% Clean superfoods are grown in this rare soil and you now have the very rare opportunity to experience the last 100% Clean meal we have left.

MealBetix, from The MealBetix Lifestyle, is 10x healthier and 10x more nutrient-dense than anything you can buy anywhere. This is what 100% Clean means!

And all ages can experience the incredible Benefits Of Eating Clean.

Literally everyone, from fetus to senior citizen.

And yes, MealBetix does taste delicious, especially with the slight cinnamon flavor. All you do is replace 2 meals OR 2 snacks every day with MealBetix and you will consistently feel your health improving daily.

And what makes the The MealBetix Lifestyle even better is the fact that you can expect to actually save $300+ every month on your monthly food bill, per person, and of course the 20+ hours you will save per month not having to prepare, cook or even clean up after 60 meals every month!

How can the the last 100% Clean meal left on earth cost less than junk food? There’s no food corruption! MealBetix is separate from the rest of the food supply chain. So, are you ready to experience all the incredible Benefits Of Eating Clean?


mealbetixDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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