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Health Freedom Fighter

Are you a Health Freedom Fighter? Being free to choose your own treatments and prevention, is your God given right! I mean, should anyone else besides you, have the right to choose what is best for you?

The obvious answer should be “no”, but that doesn’t stop billions of people all over the world from allowing their own treatments and their entire health be controlled by others, especially by those whose main purpose is to prescribe drugs, which they receive an incentive to do!

Should anyone who receives any incentive to prescribe more drugs, be the one in charge of your health? Should that be the person who should decide what’s healthy for you? This is a question any sane person should ask him or herself.

I mean, where else in your life do you ask someone whose incentive it is to take your money and not help prevent or reverse anything, be the one you turn to for help and guidance? Where else? Nowhere, right? Of course, because you wouldn’t dare waste your time, your money or risk your health. Plus most doctors are already sick! You might as well ask an obese Dietitian how to get slim.

Yet when it comes to health, specifically illness, it’s as if people just throw caution to the wind and put their health and their life in the hands of drug doctors. 

Now, I do not think this happens because people aren’t smart enough to see what’s going on or have some sort of death wish, I mean no sane person would ever allow someone to hurt them, but when you are in pain and/or fear death, which is the state of mind they put you in to get you to cooperate, you then forget your own common sense and rely on their toxic drugs to save you.

It’s psychology 101. First, make the patient very afraid and very anxious, then take all their negative emotions and give them hope by telling them “this drug will help you and save your life.”, then watch them jump to take it, even if you’re told it’s an ‘experimental drug’.

I realize this perspective is not common at all, especially in the medical community, but this is the perspective a real Health Freedom Fighter has.

Just recently someone told me their doctor threatened to never see them again if they didn’t start chemo and radiation immediately! And this is how millions of Americans and billions more people all over the world are treated every day. 

Only through manipulation, threats and fear, could any intelligent person abandon their common sense and ignore their God given rights, and then willfully poison themselves.

Yes, chemo is poison, radiation is poison, drugs are poison and all pills are poison –we should all know this by now, right? And then avoid all this poison like the plague! But most still do not and will become offended if you suggest they do.

scolding md

And even if you are not ready to abandon drugs and drug doctors yet and finally take control of your own health completely, you at least would like a source of real food that’s actually healthy enough to rejuvenate and energize your whole body first, before you are forced to start any poison regimen or risky ‘treatment’.

And if you want the freedom to decide this for yourself, and actually take action to heal yourself with real food, then you are a Health Freedom Fighter!

And this is why there is now MealBetix! MealBetix is the last food on earth not contaminated by all the pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs and everything else toxic they put in soils all across the country, which means MealBetix is extremely rare!

In other words, if you are not eating MealBetix, you are eating poison, because 99.99% of all soil all across the country is beyond contaminated, even the “certified organic soil”.

Ready to join the the other Health Freedom Fighters taking back their food and their health? 


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