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How To Absorb More Nutrients

Everyone wants to know how to absorb more nutrients, but to know this answer, you must first understand the origin of nutrition.

The first discovery of nutrition in food was over 100 years ago, and it was first assumed food was made up of only three nutrients, but later as research increased, it was found that there are a lot more, in fact there are hundreds of different vitamins and thousands of different minerals that have been discovered, though some nutrients are discredited each year, too, so both numbers fluctuate all the time.

It is safe to assume though that humans might never be able to identify every single nutrient in food, especially all the trace vitamins, trace minerals, proteins, enzymes and probiotics, because that’s like identifying every trace color in a rainbow –human technology is always limited to what only can be observed.

What does this have to do with knowing how to absorb more nutrients?

Well, you always need some background on where healthy nutrients come from first, which is fairly obvious –only from food!

I know you know nutrition comes from food, but did you know that nutrients in unhealthy food becomes unhealthy nutrients?

That means you would not want to bother trying to absorb unhealthy or contaminated nutrients that came from unhealthy or contaminated food, because then you would not be absorbing any healthy nutrients at all, and instead damaging your own health, which would of course defeat the entire purpose of you wanting to know how to absorb more nutrients. Just had to get that out of the way.

So, you only want to know how to absorb more nutrients from healthy food, and that is what I will explain here.

how to absorb more nutrients
how to absorb more nutrients

But first be sure to put your seatbelt on, because this could get bumpy!

Millions here and billions more around the world take vitamins and supplements every day of their life, because who doesn’t need more nutrition, right?

But there’s a very dirty secret hiding behind all the big vitamin and supplement brands we see everywhere today –they are owned by Big Pharma!


I know no one ever wants to hear this, because this could mean their favorite supplement brand is not as healthy as they thought.

You see, back in the early 1980s when supplements started appearing on store shelves across the country, Big Pharma and the FDA joined forces to start campaigning against all these supplement brands, hoping to ruin the reputation of supplements, but it just proved to boost awareness, causing sales to triple within just a few years!

Right around this time, Big Pharma decided to start buying up the most popular supplement brands, because well, who’s going to turn down $10 Million?

And this has continued to this day, with Big Pharma now directly controlling all the mainstream vitamin and supplement brands you see lining store shelves today.

But Big Pharma did not stop there, no, they realized they can also control the patents on every artificial nutrient out there, so they created their own artificial nutrients and have since forced every artificial vitamin and supplement brand to use their artificial chemicals that they like to call ‘nutrition’.

how to absorb more nutrients label
how to absorb more nutrients label

Is it any wonder why every vitamin and supplement brand out there has the exact same artificial ingredients?

For example, they have “calcium ascorbate” or “ascorbic acid” they call ‘vitamin C’,  “cholecalciferol” they call ‘vitamin D3’, “DL-α-Tocopherol acetate” they call ‘vitamin E’, “riboflavin” they call ‘vitamin B2’, etc…these are all completely artificial, so none of these came from food at all, rather from a lab, but they want you to believe they all came from food and they all claim their artificial chemicals are ‘nutrition’.

And the scientific community has long recognized that your cells absorb less than 1% of artificial nutrition, which means your cells absorb nothing! But you know what these artificial chemicals they call ‘nutrition’, do to your cells instead?

They damage them over time, creating a type of gradual malnutrition that presents itself in many ways, including illness!

I mean, you are a living, organic organism, because every cell in your body is organic, and raw for that matter, so why in God’s name would anyone ever swallow artificial pills? You might as well eat plastic, because plastic is artificial, too!

But many think that their supplements make them feel healthier and their health has improved. 

Well, I will let you in on another dirty secret the Big Pharma supplement industry does not want you to know –every time you ingest something artificial, for example artificial vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid), your immune system kicks in by stripping the real vitamin C from your own body to replace the artificial vitamin C that you just swallowed.

But your body does not store vitamin C, so all you’re doing is just weakening your immune system by depleting the real vitamin C in your body, which appears to lessen cold or allergy symptoms, but what’s really happening is your immune system is weakening, in other words, does not react, so you feel less symptoms, like you just took an immunosuppressant! 

This means your next cold will be more severe, which makes you believe you need more and more artificial vitamin C. Aren’t they tricky? You can spend your whole life going from one supplement brand to another, never ever stopping. 

Can you imagine what happens when anyone swallows artificial ‘calcium’, aka calcium citrate? Osteoporosis, at least! Yikes! 

How To Absorb More Nutrients
How To Absorb More Nutrients

But what about supplements that actually do use nutrients from real food? And sometimes you can see vitamin C from a lemon or an orange and sometimes you can see the B vitamins from mushrooms, etc.. 

Sure, there are some supplement brands out there like that and I have seen them, but even if every nutrient in that pill, capsule or tablet, actually came from food, can you imagine what happens to the food and the nutrients they try to extract? 

They must cook, process and extract nutrients from food, but when you cook, process and use toxic chemicals to extract or separate nutrients from a whole food, you inevitably kill the nutrients, yes, even if it came from food –they forget to mention that, don’t they.

You should think about nutrition as being alive, because it is, just like you are alive; could you survive being cooked, processed and extracted, mixed with fillers and binder so you stay in a tablet shape, and still remain alive? Definitely not!

Nothing alive could even survive the last tableting stage alone, plus they expect you to ignore the toxic binders and fillers they add! 

This concept is mostly missed by the masses completely who never give their nutrition a second thought, just as long as the label looks natural and inviting.

There’s just no way around it –you must eat or drink only raw nutrition and the food you eat or drink must be 100% Clean and raw. This is the only way every cell in our body can ever absorb anything and actually grow healthier and stronger.

So why do so many still keep buying these fake supplements?

Because all of the nutrition screening tests people take these days that are supposed to tell them what nutrients their body is missing, can only read artificial nutrition in your blood and not raw nutrition, know why? 

Because humans have yet to be able to program a machine to recognize anything raw, so when some ‘nutritional printout’ shows you lack vitamin A, vitamin B,  vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, plus a bunch of minerals, but then after you start swallowing their artificial nutrition pills, those same readings then show higher, it’s because the machine is reading the artificial chemicals in your blood –what a great trick, huh?

The entire system is rigged! 

Would you ever want to eat any artificial food made in a lab? Then why would you ever want to eat artificial nutrition made in a lab? It’s the same thing!

And again even if the source material was food, you can’t expect any real nutrition to survive the immense processing, cooking and refining, not to mention turning food that might have once been raw, into a tablet –nothing can survive all of that, especially not raw nutrition.

You might want to stop throwing your money at Big Pharma’s artificial chemicals and instead start saving a tremendous amount of money and time by only eating the last real 100% Clean nutrition that is only found in the last 100% Clean and raw, unprocessed food.

This is why everyone who continues The MealBetix Lifestyle, eventually realizes they do not have to buy vitamins and supplements anymore, because MealBetix contains all your nutrition, including plenty of plant probiotics, enzymes and even more protein than a steak!

How much could you save not having to buy vitamins and supplements anymore? I am sure a lot. 

So, if you really want to know how to absorb more nutrients, the answer should be very clear by now –eat 100% Clean and raw nutrition in 100% Clean and raw food, every day.

You finally arrived at your destination…was the road very bumpy? Hope you didn’t experience any whiplash mealbetix


Now, even if you don’t believe anything I just said here and instead want to continue to believe your organic body can somehow still absorb artificial chemicals, at least you can agree the whole purpose of taking supplements is to fill in the nutritional gaps the food you eat every day does not supply you with, right?

This is why supplements were invented in the first place after all. 

So, if you are truly receiving all your nutrition from food, then you do not need supplements anymore, otherwise the nutrients would be redundant and that would be like throwing your money in the trash, which I am certain you would never want to do.

And there is something else you should know –all supplements include the “Other Ingredients” section, which contains some very unhealthy carcinogens, for example, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, silica, crystalline cellulose, sodium benzoate and so many more, which alone contaminates everything, because these are all highly toxic poisons that damage your heart, kidneys, liver and even causes cancer!

Go ahead and look at your supplement bottle and see if any of these are there.

Why do manufacturers add these dangerous carcinogens? Because it makes the manufacturing process “easier” and therefore more profitable. Clearly none of them care about your health –they are Big Pharma after all. 

This means then that if you can eat food that actually can supply you with all your nutrition and more, then logically you would no longer need supplementation, right? 

Now, if you are thinking, “but you could never have too much nutrition”, my response would be, then eat more MealBetix, because at least MealBetix is cheaper than junk food and definitely cheaper than buying supplements.

Now you can start enjoying a pill-free life and not just absorb more nutrients, but absorb 100% of everything in The MealBetix Lifestyle.


The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late!

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