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Is MealBetix Filling

Now that The MealBetix Lifestyle is becoming more known, some wonder, Is MealBetix Filling? And the answer is that it depends.

For most people who have already lived the vegan lifestyle or eat mostly plants already, find The MealBetix Lifestyle absolutely enough to feel full and of course enjoy all the incredible health benefits along with it almost immediately.

MealBetix fillingFor those who have not lived their life eating mostly plants every day, of course it will take longer to adapt to The MealBetix Lifestyle, because The MealBetix Lifestyle requires a minimum of 2 meals or 2 snacks every day to be replaced with MealBetix.

Does this mean you must feel hungry every day until your stomach shrinks and MealBetix will actually make you feel full? No, it does not mean that, though this would take only about a week or two of consistently replacing 2 meals every day with MealBetix to achieve.

But there are a couple things you can do to increase your fullness right now, at least in the beginning.

  • Mix more! I suggest 2 tablespoons, but this is really the minimum, because it’s impossible to eat healthy too often or too much. Have you ever met someone who was too healthy? I haven’t and I am sure I never will, so mix as much and as often as you want! Personally, I mix 4-5 tablespoons twice per day, simply because I prefer to feel full longer and is probably what a bodybuilder should mix daily, but I would not expect anyone new to The MealBetix Lifestyle to start doing this right away, even though you absolutely can –some are even living on MealBetix all day every day already, because MealBetix is a complete meal. 
  • Eat pesticide-free nuts between MealBetix meals to increase your fullness longer. Sometimes I will make a trail mix for myself with pesticide-free raw cashews and pesticide-free raisins, which is enough for me. 
  • Flip it! The MealBetix Lifestyle requires you replace 2 meals every day with MealBetix ideally, but at least in the beginning you can instead replace a snack between your meals every day. What this means is you can eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner, but between breakfast and lunch you mix MealBetix and then between lunch and dinner you mix MealBetix again, which is still twice. If you usually skip breakfast, then your new breakfast can be MealBetix and then at least one other time during the day mix MealBetix again for either a meal or a snack.

The point of The MealBetix Lifestyle is to remove as much of the processed, contaminated meals out there from your life and replace at least 2 of them with MealBetix.

Just by doing this, will change your health forever, even if your other meals or snacks during the day are all fast-food.

This works the same way as exercise, because even if you live a sedentary life for most of the day, if you got up and jogged for a mile every day, that consistency is enough to change the shape of your whole body over time, especially when you are also mixing MealBetix every day.

Is MealBetix FillingIn other words, even if 50% of what you eat and drink every day is full of pesticides and GMOs, when the other 50% is MealBetix, then that’s enough to change your health in a big way over time and of course still save $300+ every month on your food bill!

The power of consistency is not something anyone should take for granted, because you can achieve most anything in life, as long as you are consistent, and health and savings are absolutely no exception. 

If you have any questions how The MealBetix Lifestyle can keep you fuller and healthier every day, just send an email to Otherwise, I hope to hear how great you are doing and how much The MealBetix Lifestyle has changed your life, just like it has for thousands already.


The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is probably the last Food Scientist left not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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