real superfoods vs fake superfoods

Real Superfoods vs Fake Superfoods

By now everyone knows what superfoods are, but what are real superfoods vs fake superfoods?

Yes, fake superfoods are everywhere. You can see superfoods on lots of products, but how can they be super if they were raised with pesticides, herbicides and toxic fertilizers? Just like there are fake antioxidants, fake probiotics, fake nutrition and fake sugar, there are indubitably fake superfoods.

Really, anything that you put in your body that does not offer your body any real nutrition or any real sustenance, will only harm your body, rendering your body weak and eventually sick, which defeats the entire purpose of eating superfoods in the first place.

How do I know the superfoods in any given product are fake?

Simple –is every superfood at least certified organic? If not, then don’t bother reading the rest of the label, because it’s all contaminated anyway and most likely also has a bunch of fake nutrition added, too, because they know their contaminated superfoods offer no nutrition.

I heard an experience from a friend who was crazy for all green juice products, because he read everywhere online that green juice is full of antioxidants and dense nutrition, which of course they are, but not when they are raised with pesticides, herbicides and toxic fertilizers, obviously. Did you ever think about this?

Of course he didn’t, because nothing he read online or ever heard from any ‘experts’ ever even hinted that all the green juice products out there are completely contaminated and therefore worthless and will also damage your heart and kidneys. So fast forward 20 years and he developed serious kidney stones and then later heart disease.

He thought, “how can this be happening to me?”.

So because after decades of drinking ‘healthy’ every day and yet he still developed chronic illness, he started to blame his genes! Yes, that annoying lie Big Pharma has brainwashed the masses into believing, he also started to believe at that point.

Thankfully before that lie marinated his thoughts too long, turning him into another one of those angry, distrusting life-long Big Pharma customers, he let me tell him another perspective and actually listened. I asked him a very simple question –have you read the ingredients? He answered “Of course.”, because I guess who wouldn’t read ingredients before putting it in your body, right?

Then I asked him if each superfood in that green juice is certified organic? He said “I think so”. When he said this I knew he had no idea, because this is how everyone who minimizes their ignorance responds to this question. I asked him to look at the label and tell me if he can see the word “organic” anywhere –it wasn’t there. I heard him gasp, as if he just opened up a chest full of gold and diamonds.

He felt so stupid and embarrassed, but I reassured him he is not alone, in fact the masses never come close to seeing what he just saw now, even though the truth had been right in front of you the whole time.

It was like the veil of ignorance was lifted and so he immediately went to his kitchen and read all the labels he could find. One by one he started throwing them in the trash, because he realized he had been damaging his body for decades by drinking pesticides, drinking herbicides and drinking toxic fertilizer every day, without ever thinking about it.


He never entertained the thought of blaming his genes ever again. Plus, can you imagine how much money he wasted after buying that contaminated junk for 20 years? And some of those green juice tubs can cost over $150 easily x 20 years!! Ouch.

All it took for him to stop poisoning himself was a couple questions and so he started MealBetix right away instead. After a short while his kidney stones dissolved and his heart grew stronger daily. For the first time in a long time he didn’t worry about his health and felt truly healthy after just a few months.


The Food Guru Dr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is a Food Scientist, Best-Selling Author of 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted, Holistic Health Pioneer and your fellow Health Freedom Fighter. He has been helping thousands of families over the last 30 years, discover real health through raw, uncontaminated food. Over the last almost 20 years or so, all the food out there had become too contaminated to ever provide anyone real health, so The Food Guru came out of semi-retirement to search for the last little bit of soil left that can still grow food healthy enough to truly change your health and help you live longer and stronger. And he found it! Now he can feed you and your whole family the last 100% Organic meals you can eat on the go!

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