Unhealthy Drinks

There are thousands of unhealthy drinks you can buy everywhere, including of course at gas stations, at thrift stores and vending machines, but do most people ever stop to read what’s in these drinks?

Obviously not, otherwise there would not be so many toxic drinks everywhere.

I have read hundreds of drink labels so far and never have I read so many artificial chemicals in one label, than this ‘drink’ label right here..

Anyone who drinks this will absolutely be destroying their entire gut to say the least, but not before they destroy their immune system, especially if anyone consistently drinks something like this.

Do you know why something as toxic as this can exist here? Because most people never read labels and only care about taste and cost.

If it tastes good and is cheap, that’s good enough for them, but it’s this thinking that costs them so much more in their life.

Did you know the majority of bankruptcies here are due to medical bills? Imagine working all your life to save up for retirement, just to see it dissapear to pay medical bills!

If only they read labels and didn’t buy anything that damaged them, then not only would they have a lot more health, but also a lot more money!

Unhealthy Drinks
Unhealthy Drinks

I often see parents feeding their children fast-food and junk food every day of their life, then when their kids get sick, give them artificial drugs to swallow, which damages their immune system even more.

It’s as if no one has ever sat down with that Mom or Dad and looked at them straight in their eyes and said, “do not feed your children these things or they will be sick and you will have lots of medical bills for the rest of their life.”

And you would think this is all that needs to be done to teach them and stop them from feeding their children all the poison out there, but it’s not enough in most cases, because most cannot and will not change their way of thinking.

If I received a dollar every time I heard someone claim they’re obese, because of their genes, I’d have a lot more money. Genes didn’t make you obese, it’s what you were fed growing up!

Is it really that hard to believe that obese parents will raise obese children or a parent with gut issues will raise a children with gut issues?

It’s not because it runs in the family, it’s because you were raised to eat and drink what made your parents sick, too.

I know most do not want to hear this, especially since it’s so much easier to blame your genes, but if you ever want to achieve real health in this very polluted world, we must embrace truth.

And when you start reading labels, it becomes easy to answer questions like, “is diet coke unhealthy?“, “is sparkling water unhealthy?” or “is gatorade unhealthy?“.

What’s the easiest way to know if a label is at the very least, full of toxic chemicals?

Look for any ingredient that does not sound like an actual food to you, then you’ll know it’s not food in there, it’s actually toxic chemicals!

For example, ascorbic acid is fake vitamin C and therefore not a food and citric acid, which is a very common preservative, is not a food, therefore both of these are toxic chemicals.

What’s a food? For example, carrot, tomato, spinach, cinnamon and many others like these foods are easy to read on labels.

It’s not hard at all. But if you don’t want to have to read labels all the time, then just join The MealBetix Lifestyle and simply your life. 

The MealBetix Lifestyle is The 100% Clean Food Lifestyle

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is a Food Scientist, Best-Selling Author of 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted, Holistic Health Pioneer and your fellow Health Freedom Fighter. He has been helping thousands of families over the last 30 years discover real health through raw, uncontaminated food.

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