what are the causes of constant headaches

What Are The Causes Of Constant Headaches

Millions here want to know exactly what are the causes of constant headaches? Because millions here have already been living with constant headaches for a very long time.

And we have already heard many of the causes drug doctors tell their patients, for example, inflammation or other problems with the blood vessels in and around the brain, including strokes, infections, such as meningitis, intracranial pressure that’s either too high or too low, brain tumor, traumatic brain injury, medication, caffeine, hereditary, stress, lack of sleep, overweight, too much anger –how about climate change?

Might as well say the cause is everything, including the kitchen sink!

How is any of this supposed to stop what causes constant headaches?

Are you supposed to spend the rest of your life trying to check off every single one of these so-called causes? No one is going to do this! And how are you going to change your genes? Impossible!

These so-called ’causes’ are actually meant to distract you from the real cause, which is so obvious, but most everyone constantly misses it, almost like people are trying to avoid the elephant in the room by accepting other possible causes that could never stop the constant headaches.

Now, I am not saying that you should not bother trying to sleep more, avoid caffeine or decrease your stress, because of course everyone should, but there is a difference between trying to prevent the constant headaches and actually stopping the constant headaches.

For example, you could sleep more and smoke less, which certainly improves your health and therefore helps prevent the constant headaches, but the constant headaches could still be there, because well, even decreasing the consumption of anything that is unhealthy, often is just not enough to stop the constant headaches or at best only stop temporarily.

It’s the same if you were to try all sorts of different diets out there, but you still cannot lose enough weight or still cannot lower your blood pressure –this happens every day!

When you have tried so many things and nothing works, it could only be because nothing out there is meant to work, it’s meant to keep you a slave to diet trends, health propaganda and forever wasting your time and your health, until you give up and go back to the drug doctors.

They purposely make it impossible for you to find real help.

You see, everything leads back to Big Pharma. The diets out there are not meant to work, and Big Pharma knows this, so they just sit back and wait for you to get frustrated and become too cynical to trust any of the so-called “natural treatments” out there, even to the point of becoming so fed up that anyone who even mentions another so-called “natural treatment”.

So many will immediately distrust and recall all the feelings of betrayal and disappointment they felt after the last so-called “natural treatment” or “diet” they tried and that failed –and this is exactly what Big Pharma wants!

What Causes Constant HeadachesThey want you to give up, to distrust, and stay frustrated, because then they can say “See? We told you natural treatments don’t work. Now take these pills for the rest of your life.”

But you can fight back with truth!

So, what are the causes of constant headaches that so many either do not want to admit or completely miss? It’s what you eat, drink and swallow every day!

What Are The Causes Of Constant HeadachesYou see, undigested chemicals will accumulate inside every cell of your body, because every cell in your body is like a tiny super sponge, soaking up everything you eat, drink, swallow and inject, every day of your life.

7 Ways to Tell You're Pushing Too Hard - St Cloud YMCAAnd do you know what also greatly contributes to headaches? Constant exercise! Think about it, if your cells are filled with toxic waste, and you’re exercising often, then these cells are circulating around your body much faster.

People are under the strong impression that what they ate last week is no longer in their body, because you expelled it all…nope!

Yet “they” continue to lie to you and tell you it’s all genetic, as if to say your body never holds you accountable for anything you ever put in it –ya, wouldn’t that be great? Of course it would! I’d love to believe that, too, but unfortunately, I know that is not how the body works, because my body holds me accountable for everything I put in it.

What Causes Constant HeadachesAnd just like you would never teach a child that they are never accountable for their actions, you definitely should never think what you put in your body does not make your body accountable, otherwise constant headaches could be the least

What Causes Constant Headachesof your worries and you could very well be fighting terminal illness, like so many are today –no wonder millions here already chronically ill.

Now for the good part..ready? The best way, the safest way and the fastest way to stop what causes constant headaches is to start The MealBetix Lifestyle!

You can forget doing any diets, you can forget about all the “natural treatments”, all the “new age treatments” and all the “alternative treatments” out there, because nothing beats rejuvenating every cell in your body, absolutely nothing!

And this is what The MealBetix Lifestyle will do for you.

You can expect the constant headaches to start to subside within just a few days and within a couple months, most have reported their headaches are completely gone!

This is not about preventing or decreasing your headaches, but actually stopping them, permanently.

Headaches are a symptom of filthy blood from a lifetime of toxic accumulation, which is why the only thing that can work is to start cleaning out every cell of your body, which will automatically clean your blood and every cell in your body, amongst other powerful benefits.


The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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