What Makes Food Healthy

Everyone has always wanted to eat healthy since the dawn of mankind, and today is absolutely no different, but What Makes Food Healthy?

We already know food can heal us or make us sick, and lots of industries have been created around this very thing. But what if what you have been told about food your entire life and everything you have ever been taught in school, has it all wrong?

What would be the result?

You can see the result happening right before your eyes. There has never been so many people with so many chronic illnesses than ever before right now.

There has never been so many people dying from completely preventable diseases than right now, either.

Based on all of these facts, it is safe to say these days almost no one actually knows what makes food healthy. And this is a serious problem for our future and threatens the future existence of mankind itself.

Now you might think I’m being dramatic, but did you know for the first time in the history of America, the number of deaths here in the USA exceeded the number of births in 2018? This means for the first time, more are now dying than being born! 

This also means soon the USA will be compared to Japan, in terms of how many elderly are alive compared to the young.

what makes food healthyAnd if America continues down this same trajectory, while systematically poisoning the masses with artificial drugs, artificial nutrition and artificial food, and of course constantly polluting our air, soil and water, there will be nothing left for us to eat that could even come close to being called “healthy”, though we are for the most part already there.

And if it wasn’t for MealBetix, you could say this is absolutely the case right now actually.

So, What Makes Food Healthy?

The answer is simple, it starts with the soil and ends with the soil. First, the soil must be 100% Clean, otherwise it doesn’t matter what the food is at all.

You see online so many people claiming this food is healthy, that food is healthy, this superfood has antioxidants, that fruit has flavonoids, this plant has more protein, that plant is low carb, etc… this is everywhere online! Everyone and their Gardner thinks they know what is healthy, and they’re not afraid to tell everyone about it, either.

What Makes Food HealthyBut if any of those plants were grown in contaminated soil and contaminated water, who cares?

Now, this obvious question could easily be missed by the masses who are constantly distracted, constantly busy, constantly struggling and constantly searching for anything that can help them feel better –they just don’t stop and ask where the food was grown and if they know whether the food was grown in clean soil or contaminated soil.

Obviously everyone selling all their fake ‘health food’ will never know that answer because of course they never asked anyone, either.

World's biggest 'hide-and-seek' bid starts at Milton Country Park - BBC NewsAnd so the game of hide and go seek continues while your health continues to suffer at the same time.

But for those just like you who do stop to read this entire post, will know exactly what makes food healthy. And I am so glad that is You!

Obviously you read this far, because you are seeking the truth, the last important health question there is  – what makes food healthy?

Knowing the answer to this question means you will never have to roam the stores searching for that next hyped up product you saw on social media and be fooled by all their fake claims of health and wellness that saturates the internet.

Can you imagine the power you are about to receive? The knowledge of knowing exactly what makes food healthy is literally a superpower these days.

You can even share this powerful knowledge with your friends and family, thereby saving their life! Have you ever wanted to be a hero? Now is your chance!

In summary: Food that was grown in truly 100% Clean soil and then has never been cooked, refined, fortified or processed, in other words, 100% Clean food from the soil to your body, is what makes food healthy.

Do supermarkets or health food stores sell 100% Clean food that was grown in 100% Clean soil? Of course not!

The soil they use to grow their plants have been beyond contaminated for decades, yet they still grow their terribly toxic plants in their terribly toxic soil, then they overcharge you for the privilege of eating their toxic ‘food’. 

Are you ready to fight back?

The MealBetix Lifestyle is The 100% Clean Food Lifestyle

mealbetixDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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