what is holistic weight loss

What Is Holistic Weight Loss

Many want to know these days What is Holistic Weight Loss, but few ever really get a straight answer.

To put it simply, Holistic Weight Loss is the healthiest way to lose weight, which means you will not experience any rebound or lose any skin elasticity, which is ever so common with diets today.

Another way to describe holistic weight loss is that it is not a diet and is not any sort of plan, just a different way of eating and therefore a different lifestyle.

What exactly do you eat?

You eat what most do not eat and you eat it every day. It is raw, unprocessed food for one, which is a good start, but unfortunately is where most people stop. Do you know what’s worse than eating pesticides? Eating raw pesticides! So you definitely do not want to stop at raw and unprocessed.

You want to not only eat raw, unprocessed food every day, but you want to make sure that the raw, unprocessed food you eat every day, is truly 100% Clean. I say “100% Clean”, because that’s the only way you can avoid consuming pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and GMOs.

In other words, if you want to start Holistic Weight Loss, you should eat as much raw, unprocessed clean food as you can.

And when you eat 100% Certified Clean food every day, and for at least 2 meals every day, you can expect your holistic weight-loss to feel incredible!

And your weight-loss feels incredible because every pound you drop, is only unhealthy fat, as opposed to the extremely important healthy fat your body loses when you are on diets.

What is healthy fat?

Healthy fat is the fat your muscles, nerves, joints and organs actually need to stay healthy and insulated. Healthy fat also stores your energy and stores your nutrition reserves, and the more energy and nutrition your healthy fat stores, the healthier and more firm your skin is, too, so healthy fat is extremely important.

Unfortunately, all diets today don’t care how you lose weight and so when you start any diet, your healthy fat and muscle are always the first to be starved away, which looks great on the scale, but then you put your health at serious risk, plus usually you experience rebound and lose a lot of skin elasticity.

What is unhealthy fat?

Unhealthy fat is the only fat you should be shedding, because it is only the unhealthy fat that has created the obesity epidemic we see today. Every single person who is overweight or has cellulite is only because of unhealthy fat.

But this is not how the masses think of fat and instead just group the healthy fat and the unhealthy fat together, as if to say they are the same, which they absolutely are not.

How much weight can I lose doing Holistic Weight Loss?

If you expect the answer to be a particular number, then that means you need to forget the old thinking that has kept all of us overweight and start thinking according to Holistic Weight Loss, because there isn’t a particular number. Why not? Because no one can know how much unhealthy fat you have –do you even know exactly?

You will lose as much unhealthy fat as you are supposed to lose, nothing more and nothing less, which is the safest kind of weight-loss there is!

Because seriously, do you think you should weigh 110 pounds when your healthiest body weight is naturally 160 pounds? Or should you weigh 160 pounds when your natural body weight is 190 pounds?

The answer is an obvious no, you shouldn’t weigh that, because it not only is unhealthy, but will surely shorten your life. That being said, if you are obviously overweight or obese, then of course you can expect to lose a lot of weight, probably 20-30 pounds or more per month for as long as it takes to reach your ideal healthy weight, whatever weight that is.

Here is a before and after pic sent to me from a friend who started eating MealBetix for 2 meals every day and he lifted some weights once a week and that was it.

What Is Holistic Weight Loss?

This is why I despise the BMI, because there is no way everyone can fit inside a set of numbers when every person and their frame is different and therefore their ideal healthy weight is different.

The BMI is just another system of control over you and your own health. You should never have to live inside a BMI, no one should.

Another wonderful benefit you will experience that I almost forgot to mention is that you can exercise much less and still lose weight consistently.

That means a true Holistic Weight Loss believer will realize there is no need to exercise so much and so often, since exercise is not the foundation if Holistic Weight Loss, but eating truly clean food every day is.

And if you wonder what I define exercise as, it’s working all day, standing for long periods of time, cleaning every day, gardening, painting, raising a family and things like this.

This is life’s exercise! and is all you need to consistently lose unhealthy fat daily, until you weigh exactly how much you should weigh.

Isn’t it exciting to think about what that looks like? Once you throw away your weight loss goal and instead look forward to the optimum you, life becomes less of a struggle and more of a fun journey.

Now if anyone ever asks you why you look so great and you answer “Holistic Weight Loss”, you can explain to them exactly What Is Holistic Weight Loss?


The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late. Read his latest best-seller, 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted, before they censor it!

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