Free Consultation During The Pandemic

Welcome! Dr Wayne here.. and I am offering a Free Consultation During The Pandemic. I know it’s been hard out there, having to struggle every day finding food healthy enough and delicious enough to at least maintain your health. But for many people, especially those who travel or do not have access to healthy food all day, their only options are processed ‘food’ or junk ‘food’.

That’s why I formulated MealBetix! And I made sure it costs less than junk food and naturally has low carbs. I know you will love MealBetix as much as I do and many others. Go ahead and send me an email to OR send me a text directly to (626) 539-0374 and I will reply back promptly.

In the meantime, click the MealBetix image below and learn how you can stop worrying about what to eat every day.


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