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Congratulations! This is your limited free trial of MealBetix, which means you can try one free MealBetix meal without any obligation. Once your MealBetix meal packet is delivered to your mailbox, you have 3 days to decide to continue eating MealBetix daily or not, so it is important you start checking your mailbox a few days after you order your free meal sample today. If you decide not to continue eating MealBetix, for any reason, within the 3 days, send a quick message via email or text with your name and no thank you typed inside the message, then your card will not be charged anything once your free trial ends. When you do decide to continue, then 44 meals will be mailed to you on time every month and each meal costs only $4.48, which costs less than a GMO meal! That’s only $197 per month, plus your shipping is free! *stop anytime.

MealBetix is the last unprocessed and uncontaminated low carb meal in the country, so hopefully you decide to continue. Enjoy your free MealBetix meal!

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Privacy | Terms ©2020 MealBetix (GURU, Inc.) disclaimer: these statements and product have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration and does not treat, prevent or cure any disease. Dr Wayne is not a medical doctor and everything he says is his own opinion.

*will never share with anyone

*We are almost out of the FREE MealBetix meal samples, so please unlock yours today.