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List Of Foods and Drinks That Injure Your Pancreas

Where do I begin? I mean, there are like thousands of things you can eat and drink out there and I don’t have that much time to list them all, so instead, I will show you a guide that will save your pancreas from a lot more injury.

Anything that is cooked too much, for example, well-done meat or even microwaved meat. And of course anything fried, especially in butter or oil.

This can include not only meat, but also vegetables, fruit, spices, dairy, grains and beans. The human digestion is very fragile and can easily become distressed and the main cause of distressed bowels is cooked or fried food. But before your digestion becomes distressed, you can experience years of indigestion, acid reflux and of course nausea.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as they say, because besides cooking and frying your food, there’s something even more serious and a lot more common, that most people don’t even give a second thought about.

What is it?

Pesticides and GMOs. Most Diabetics do not believe there’s any difference between food raised with pesticides/GMOs and food not raised with pesticides/GMOs, so they keep eating and drinking it every day of their life.

They tell themselves that pesticide-free food (aka organic food) is just some marketing scam to raise prices, but even if that were true, which I actually believe, too, only the cost aspect of it, the fact remains, juicing pesticides could only injure your pancreas at the very least. And when you cook or fry pesticides, then you’re seriously asking for trouble, and probably cancer, too.

I know everything I am saying here you either completely agree with, only agree with a small part of it or none of it at all, but based on my 30 years of education, research and of course helping thousands of Diabetics live longer and live stronger, this is the same pattern I have seen thousands of times. This makes me only the messenger of observation and not the origin of truth, since a good Scientist should always only observe in the first place.

That being said, what can I eat every day then? I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself this right about now, which no one can ever blame you for asking. You should know what you can eat every day that’s not only healthy, but healthy enough to heal or repair your injured pancreas. Well, of course it’s food, but what food? MealBetix of course.

MealBetix exists only because there are millions of Diabetics here who have little to no access to any really healthy food and the food they do eat, continues to injure their pancreas daily — and drugs only add to the injury.

We live in the era of “Artificial Healthcare”.

What is “Artificial Healthcare”? It’s quite simple actually. First, when you were conceived, your Mother probably followed her Pediatrician’s instructions, which was to take her prenatal vitamins, but prenatal vitamins are artificial chemicals they call ‘nutrition’ and of course any shots she was told to take, too, which no doubt were full of more artificial chemicals.

Once you were born, if you made it our alive of course, you were probably already sick or soon will be, but in either case, your Mother fed you artificial drugs and continued to feed you artificial drugs every time you had the sniffles, had a headache or developed allergies.

So since conception and all the way through childhood, you were fed artificial drugs and if your Mother or Father didn’t eat healthy themselves, then besides being drugged up often, you also damage your organs further by eating and drinking artificial food and artificial drinks.

As an adult, if you made to adulthood of course, you have learned to eat artificial food, artificial drinks, swallow artificial drugs when you don’t feel well and if you survived adulthood without dying of a heart attack or stroke by 50, then you will most likely already have failing health by the time you reach 65 or maybe 70 years old.

And your family will probably force you into a nursing home so all the doctors there can pump your body full of even more artificial drugs just to keep you from crying out in constant pain.

If your life sounds similar to this, then you are among the billions of people alive right now who must endure their own chronic pain every day for the rest of their life, because no one will tell them to stop putting artificial chemicals into their body.

This is the real reason why I formulated MealBetix, to be the healthiest food on earth! The 14 ingredients in MealBetix have been tested and retested to make sure there isn’t a single molecule of anything impure or artificial at all. No other meal replacement on the entire internet has gone through this for their ingredients.

Want proof?

Go to Bing and search “organic diabetic meal replacement”, then you will see how many other ‘health food’ makers sell an organic diabetic meal replacement – want a hint? ONE!!! Scroll down past all the ads above and you will only see ONE. That’s how lonely it is out there for anyone who actually wants to provide you real food; real food that not only replaces your expensive junk food, but also food that provides you real health that you will continue to experience for many years to come.

When you replace two meals each day with MealBetix, you only have to prepare one meal for yourself. This means your pancreas has no choice but to gradually heal. Of course you can replace just one meal each day with MealBetix, which would leave you two meals to prepare for yourself, but at least you’d be eating one meal each day that’s truly very healthy, which is better than no healthy meals at all.


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