What Is Organic Nutrition

Many want to know what is Organic Nutrition, because all around us is nothing but artificial nutrition, but organic nutrition has existed since the very first plant on earth, yet billions of years later, we now find ourselves living in a world where most people believe artificial nutrition is no different than organic nutrition.

But if it were true that there is no difference between artificial nutrition and organic nutrition, why don’t those same people also eat artificial food? Oh wait…they do.

I mean, if there is really no difference between artificial nutrition and organic nutrition, then that means there is no difference between artificial food and organic food –just connecting the dots of logic here.

What does artificial nutrition look like exactly?

What is organic nutrition
calcium ascorbate and ascorbic acid, which they call ‘Vitamin C’ | calciferol, which they call ‘Vitamin D’ | dl-alpha tocopherol, which they call Vitamin E, etc.. – all of it is completely artificial and therefore depletes your body of real nutrition… this is what causes malnutrition!

This label is the perfect example of your typical list of artificial nutrition, and this label is everywhere, including in a million ‘fortified’ products all across the country and around the world, and especially on every vitamin supplement and probiotic label, too!

Just look at this so-called “Supplement Facts” panel –nutrients this high do not exist in nature, so they could only be artificial, yet they have the audacity to use the names of real vitamins and minerals, i.e., vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, etc.. And this lie is what has brainwashed the masses into believing artificial or synthetic nutrition is the same as organic nutrition!

If it’s true that your body cannot tell the difference between real nutrition and fake nutrition, then what’s stopping anyone from swallowing plastic? Plastic is artificial, too, so where does it stop?

Artificial nutrition is hiding in most everything you buy at supermarkets and health food stores, because artificial nutrition has infiltrated everything people eat, drink, swallow and inject.

Remember when they started adding ‘fluoride’ to your drinking water?

They told you it would help your dental hygiene, but according to Pubmed, instead it has caused dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, arthritis, bone damage, osteoporosis, muscular damage, fatigue, joint-related problems, chronic headaches, cancer and other chronic issues.

So what does swallowing artificial nutrition every day of your life do to your body?

So glad you asked that, because the answer will of course disturb you. I know you have heard of “malnutrition” before, but did you know you can eat 5,000 calories every day and still experience malnutrition?

In fact, you could swallow 1 million milligrams of every artificial or synthetic vitamin ever created, and still suffer from chronic malnutrition.

It’s unfortunately true and no one wants to talk about this fact. And the symptoms of malnutrition include everything from obesity and poor vision to cancer and heart disease –but no one wants to talk about this or maybe they just don’t want to know.

In either case, malnutrition affects billions of people all over the world, especially here, and will only continue to wreak havoc on everyone, unless we finally reverse this dangerous trajectory.

And not just artificial nutrition, but also why do all the smartest ‘medical scientists’ all over the world, keep looking to artificial drugs for a ‘cure’?

what is organic nutritionBecause they know you have a better chance of being visited by a Martian than ever finding a ‘cure’ from anything artificial –is it any wonder why over a trillion dollars have been donated to these artificial drug ‘scientists’ and there is still no cure?

I mean, if you threw a trillion dollars at something and still produced no results, hopefully you might at least wonder if money is not the problem.

No matter how you look at it, the human body is organic, not artificial, so only organic nutrition could ever be able to improve your health, as long as that organic nutrition is actually raw and unprocessed, otherwise don’t bother wasting your time and money.

But there is one way artificial nutrition and artificial drugs can help you, just become artificial yourself.

I know, that’s absurd, right? Well, do you know what’s also absurd? An organic body swallowing artificial nutrition every day of your life and expecting to receive any health benefits –constantly ingesting anything artificial will gradually destroy your gut and of course ruin your immune system! 

And did you know ‘vitamin overdose’ is a thing only because artificial nutrition is a thing? For example, artificial D vitamin overdose symptoms include nausea and vomiting, weakness, frequent urination and could progress to bone pain and kidney problems, such as kidney stones.

And this is from just one artificial vitamin!

I know, I risk losing some subscribers saying this, since most everyone thinks vitamins and supplements help them, but if artificial nutrition did help everyone who takes them, there wouldn’t be anymore chronic illness, right?

Seriously, ask anyone who was diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or even allergies, “have you been taking supplements?” Their answer will most likely be “Yes”.

And if they answer no, rest assured they consumed a lot of artificial nutrition from all the ‘fortified’ processed food, fast-food, junk food and dairy they ate and drank every day since childhood.

Human digestion can only run on raw, 100% Clean nutrition and that’s it.

Everyone should know this by now, but almost no one does. When your digestion has to work harder to break down pills or anything processed, it means it must work harder, which weakens digestion more and more over time, especially your immune system. And I did not write this rule, nature did.

Plus isn’t the healthiest source of real nutrition, real food? And doesn’t it make sense that the healthier you eat, the healthier your nutrition is in that food? I know everyone will at least agree with this logic.

So, exactly what is Organic Nutrition in a nutshell?

Organic Nutrition, real Organic Nutrition, obviously must first be organic and not artificial, but also it cannot be a pill, cannot be a capsule, cannot be a tablet and definitely cannot be a gummy.


Because there is no way any nutrition, especially organic nutrition from organic food, could ever remain alive throughout the entire tableting process…there’s just no way!

Even if they kept the organic food raw all the way up until the final tableting stage, the fillers, the binders and of course the immense heat required to mold it all together into a shape, will destroy any organic nutrition; so what’s left? just dead nutrition.

And this is even if the organic nutrition actually came from organic food, which 99.99% of all supplements do not.

Clearly artificial nutrition does not and cannot improve your health, and organic nutrition that comes in any pill, capsule or tablet, isn’t real nutrition, either.

So what is actually better than ‘organic nutrition’? 100% Clean and Raw nutrition! Where in this very polluted world can you find 100% Clean and raw nutrition? Right here! And you never have to buy vitamins, supplements or probiotics, ever again!


mealbetixDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late.

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