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3 facts about fast-food and big pharma

3 Facts About Fast-Food And Big Pharma

Most never connect the dots, but there are 3 Facts About Fast-Food And Big Pharma most never think about. How do these fast-food chains get paid for their diligent effort to keep the masses sick? Big Pharma kickbacks of course, and lots of them. Who would have ever thought that the ones that make us sick …

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junk food vegan

Junk Food Vegan

There are millions of Vegans here, but most of them are junk food Vegans. What is a junk food Vegan? A junk food Vegan is a Vegan who regularly consumes highly processed foods that are primarily made in science labs, hence junk food. And some popular junk food vegan choices are the Oreo biscuits, soy chorizo and …

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Low Carb Vegan Diet Plan

Low Carb Vegan Diet Plan

There are plenty of diet plans out there, including a Low Carb Vegan Diet Plan, but has any diet plan ever done anything to prevent or even slow the rise of chronic illness? Unfortunately no, but that doesn’t mean some diet plans can’t at least improve your health, albeit slightly. But then again you could …

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Prepare For Economic Collapse

Organic Prepper

These days you should be an Organic Prepper, in fact everyone should be, because we are seeing more and more economic emergencies, prolonged blackouts, extreme weather and the worse inflation of the 21st century, and food shortages all across the country. We are already seeing plenty of empty store shelves, and the supply chain will not …

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best vegan meal replacement shake

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

The best vegan meal replacement shake is not just another vegan meal replacement shake filled with preservatives, additives and fillers, but rather every ingredient is real, actual food, food that you can pick out of the ground and eat directly –this is what a truly clean vegan meal replacement shake should mean. But the best vegan meal …

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