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5 High-Protein Foods You Need in Your Emergency Pantry

5 High-Protein Foods You Need In Your Emergency Pantry

There are over 100 million Preppers here and most of them have a pantry full of staples, so here are the 5 High-Protein Foods You Need in Your Emergency Pantry. Hemp Seed Protein: extremely high in protein, 50% pure protein in fact, which is more protein than a steak. Spinach: besides containing a lot of …

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Prepare For Economic Collapse

Prepare For Economic Collapse

You have surely seen the news reports by now, “Prepare For Economic Collapse” and “Second Pandemic Coming”, but what about protecting your health? There are lots of Preppers and Survivalists, but most don’t give their health a second thought, not enough to actually prevent illness anyway. Sure, many will stock up on all sorts of …

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Organic Gluten Free Emergency Food

Organic Gluten Free Emergency Food

We all want to be prepared in times of crisis and emergencies, but nothing ruins your preparedness like processed, nutritionless, tasteless emergency food, that’s why MealBetix is the only 100% Organic Gluten Free Emergency Food, which is the same as saying 100% Clean Gluten-Free Emergency Food. Let’s be honest, nothing can be 100% Organic if it is not …

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Natural Health

Most everyone prefers Natural Health over taking drugs, yet almost no one ever experiences real health, especially once you become chronically ill. The Natural Health industry includes everything from fitness and supplements to acupuncture and massage, which all together create billions of dollars in annual revenue and of course millions of jobs, too. I pride myself on …

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MealBetix Press Release

MEALBETIX PRESS RELEASE The Last Truly 100% Clean Low Carb Meal Now For Preppers Date: July 27, 2022   Category: Clean Food Lifestyle Summary ————————————————————————————————————————––––—––––, a clean food lifestyle startup that provides truly 100% Clean Low Carb meals, grown in the last little bit of soil left here that is truly 100% Clean. MealBetix ————————————————————————————————————––––—––––—––––– July 27, …

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