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80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted

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After 30 years helping thousands finally free themselves of Big Pharma’s grip, I published 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted, a book like no other book before it! Not only will you know how to finally balance all your hormones and achieve more health than anyone you know, but also become 100% Big Pharma-Free! And do all this only with real food! Download immediately. Less than 100 pages, because there is absolutely no fluff. Read worldwide over 100,000 times. And has saved over a Billion Dollars in medical bills and drug costs! So, if you need to lose weight permanently without any hard exercise, balance your insulin naturally, balance your testosterone or progesterone or even shrink tumors, 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted will show you exactly how!

10 reviews for 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted

  1. Farren

    I finally found 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted! A friend told me to read it and I must say it was not what I thought it would be…it was better! My eyes are open!

  2. William

    I had no idea our hormones played such a vital role in our health. Thank you 🙏🏽

    • The Food Guru

      You’re welcome William. Healthy hormones are the key to longevity and the only way to create healthy hormones is to eat 100% Organic and raw every day.

  3. Breanna

    I just finished reading 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted and I have to say it’s not what I expected at all. I really liked how you had a Question and Answer in every chapter. Thank you so much for this.

    • The Food Guru

      You’re very welcome Breanna. May The Truth Set You Free!

  4. Amelia

    My story started when I was a child. I was fed your typical American diet full of fast food, candy and I was handed soda all the time. Mom and Dad didn’t know any better. I became a Nutritionist, because I did not want others to experience all the allergies, headaches, colds and the constant fatigue I felt growing up. I knew food was the answer, but I couldn’t explain why even when we eat healthier and take more supplements every day, we still have chronic illness, so I read hundreds of popular and unpopular books out there to find the answer and all I did was waste my time. 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted has ended my search. Thank you!

    • Dr Wayne

      You’re very welcome Amelia. It’s almost impossible to find truth out there, literally like finding a needle in a haystack, but you found it!

  5. Nicole

    I read during my lunch break and in 3 days I was finished. I think I woke! Thank you.

    • Dr Wayne

      That is wonderful Nicole.

  6. Harriet

    My LDL has always been high and I thought diets and exercises will bring it down, but it barely did a thing. Now I know what to do. Thank you.

    • Dr Wayne

      You’re welcome! That’s so great to hear.

  7. Roman

    I started reading last night and my first impression is that it’s a bit too simple. I mean I get that you’re trying to simplify you’re concepts as much as possible, and you’ve done that masterfully, but I’m used to more complex theories.

    • Dr Wayne

      You are correct about theories being more complex, which is why I always prefer scientific facts, because scientific facts are always very simple; in fact, if what you hear is ever not simple? It’s most likely another complex theory.

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