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12 MealBetix (wholesale price $3.15 per meal for 90 day auto-ship)

(32 customer reviews)

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $567.00. every 3 months

100% Clean Low Carb High Protein Meal


Introducing the last 100% Clean Low Carb High Protein Meal for yourself and your SHTF Plans, that you can eat on the go! And you just found it wholesale! Order a case or two for yourself OR stock up on a lot more cases for the Prepper inside you and want your health to be the last thing you and anyone else in your family will need to worry about for years. SHTF plans

No longer will you have to worry about what to eat every day or if what you are eating every day is actually healthy enough, because when you mix at least 2 heaping tablespoons in a 12 oz cup of water or a thermos, for 2 meals OR 2 snacks every day, not only will you be eating truly clean every day, but also receive all your nutrition, from A-Z, plenty of plant probiotics and more protein than a steak! This is keto, paleo, vegan, low carb, and high protein –the best of everything! And because all the food in MealBetix is 100% freeze-dried, you will assimilate 100% and never have to refrigerate!

And you can store MealBetix for a decade or more, even after opening, so you can literally stock up.

Take a can with you when you’re at work all day or a few cans when traveling or camping, so you always have a very convenient source of truly 100% Clean meals right by your side ––curbs all unhealthy cravings, too!

15 meals in 1 can, so 12 cans = 180 meals per case, which is a 3-month supply per person or 4 cases for 1 person for 1 year. This wholesale price is for a limited time. And however many cases you order, this is for the 3 months (90-day auto-delivery), but of course, you can change your auto-delivery schedule, change your case quantity, or pause by simply sending an email to, otherwise you can expect to receive your same case quantity order today automatically, about every 90 days from now, so you do not have to reorder and never run out, ever.

*Please mark your calendar exactly 90 days from today, so you do not forget when your next cases will be mailed out.

And let me personally welcome you to The MealBetix Lifestyle.

Dr Darren Wayne
aka The Food Guru
The Food Guru

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32 reviews for 12 MealBetix (wholesale price $3.15 per meal for 90 day auto-ship)

  1. Jacky

    I just received my first cases and my whole family grabbed several cans each to put in their bug out bags, backpacks and cars, so they are always prepared. I will store the rest for now and will order more soon. Thank you so much for MealBetix! I’m telling all my friends, so I hope you can make a lot more.

    • The Food Guru

      That’s awesome Jacky! Keep going! And I’m always making more 😉

  2. Will

    Thanks for helping me control my sinuses and my weight. You make it so easy!

    • The Food Guru

      That is so wonderful Will! This is just the beginning.

  3. Will

    MealBetix is so good I have to mention one more thing…MealBetix is also delicious just mixed in water!

    • The Food Guru

      Excellent! Keep up the great work Will!

  4. Peter

    Just about finished our first case of MealBetix and it’s been a wild almost 3 months. Our health changed in ways we didn’t expect. For example, I lost 20lbs without even trying and the wife said she hasn’t had a single headache for over a month now! Can’t wait for our next case. Keep it coming!

    • The Food Guru

      That is wonderful news Peter! So proud of you both. Your next case is going out shortly.

  5. Daniel

    I am feeling great! Thank you so much for MealBetix! I’m giving cans of MealBetix out to friends and family now, because they need a lot of help. God Bless!

    • The Food Guru

      That is wonderful to hear Daniel! I am sure your friends and family appreciate you very much.

  6. Marian

    I have received my MealBetix again today. Thank you as always. At first, I was only replacing one meal a day, but once I started replacing two meals a day, I have not been sick or have since even felt any aches or pains. A lot of my friends complain about aches and pains all the time, and how many doctors that they go see to try and get better, but they never do. They also constantly take a lot of drugs that are harmful. And a lot of them have trouble walking, and their balance is off. I just can’t believe that these people aren’t hip to the games that these doctors are playing on them. I can only live by example. I still have a running and exercise program that I get to most days. I am so glad that I found you and listen to what you say. I will be 76 in a couple of weeks and look forward to it. Also, I passed my driving vision test easily, so I am proof that MealBetix will even improve your vision, and my brain is still retaining information and functioning well. I am so happy. Thank you for your support, and it is a pleasure to have you and MealBetix in my life.

    • The Food Guru

      So great to hear from you Marian and thank you so much for sharing your progress. You are truly an amazing person and I am so proud of you. If only more people could see what we see.

  7. Daniel

    I am loving The MealBetix lifestyle. I have to admit it is a great feeling being able to mix up 15 superfoods in just 1 minute and have a truly healthy meal that quick. I’m planning on making an order of 2 cases on January 31st. It is great having this clean food at my fingertips. God bless you.

    • The Food Guru

      I am so happy to hear that Daniel! And I absolutely agree…it is a wonderful feeling indeed. I’ll tell shipping to prepare your 2 cases then. So proud of you Daniel! This is just the beginning. Wait until your friends and family see how you feel in a couple months 😉

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