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Can Organic Be A Meal Replacement

The short answer is of course “YES”, but let me state the obvious first –the opposite of organic is synthetic, and I don’t think you would ever want to eat anything synthetic, so I would say the only healthy meal replacement could only be organic and should be 100% organic for that matter.

Unfortunately, the extremely processed meal replacements out there are also full of preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and the always common artificial nutrition that further contaminate any real nutrition, if there ever was any.

You probably wonder how such ridiculously unhealthy ‘meal replacements’ could possibly exist out in the markets when there are supposedly millions of intelligent people all around shopping at these stores.

Well, the answer to this question is also obvious –there actually are not that many people who go out of their way to read ingredients and for the few that do, most of them have no idea what an artificial ingredient looks like, and these unhealthy ingredients are everywhere!

Now, don’t get hung up on the word “organic”, because despite what the propaganda has been telling you you’re whole life, certified organic food has no pesticides and no GMOs, which alone makes this food far healthier than any contaminated food. Plus, what does “organic” mean? It means it’s food that’s alive, food that’s real, which is the only food you should be eating every day of your life.

And sure, “Big Food Propaganda” works hard to artificially keep the organic food prices higher at the stores as a deterrent, but there are sources of truly organic food you can buy that’s cheaper than junk food!

One such source is here and it has been feeding thousands of families since last year, especially those with little to no access to anything healthy to eat at work or when on the road.

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