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Do All Organisms Need Food To Survive?

Do all organisms need food to survive?

Obviously yes! But not all organisms thrive. You can survive on soda and donuts, but for how long? I’ve seen alcoholics survive on mostly cookies and chips, for years! It’s shocking just how long people can survive in the harshest conditions, eating and drinking the most unhealthy things.
I’m sure having a resilient immune system helps for sure, but I also believe your mind adapts, too.

Just look at all the homeless we see everywhere nowadays and how many years we hear some have been living on the streets. It makes you wonder how they can survive that long, but they do.

do all organisms need food to survive

But of course there is a big difference between surviving and thriving. What does “thrive” mean? It means to prosper and flourish, while “surviving” simply means staying alive. I hope I answered the question “do all organisms need food to survive”.

Did you know you can be wealthy and still be only surviving? It’s true! Financially speaking, this would mean someone is wealthy on paper, but they have very little money to live on daily, which is the same as a poor person.

Or you could be wealthy with lots of cash coming in every month, but most of your money goes to medical bills, because you and/or someone in your family requires a lot of medical attention that your expensive insurance premiums still don’t cover, which leaves the family living like a poor family.

do all organisms need food to survive

So you see, there are plenty of situations in life where it doesn’t matter how wealthy you are or how poor you are, all of us can still only be surviving, especially these days as you already know. But it doesn’t have to stay this way and you don’t have to only survive, either, but actually start thriving like never before, or again.

What does it take to thrive financially and healthfully during these times?

It starts with your knowledge of how things work. First, you must embrace common sense again, because if someone is poor, then that means they don’t know how to be rich and when someone is ill, then that means they do not know how to get healthy and stay healthy.

Once you embrace this common sense, you can then start changing what you believe and since your health is far more important than being rich, let’s focus on what you need to believe to get healthy, stay healthy and of course start thriving.

The first belief about how to get healthy is to start admitting to yourself right now, that what you think is healthy or what you think makes you healthy, is wrong, otherwise you’d be 100% pain-free, 100% disease-free and of course 100% pill-free right now, right?

Admitting this to yourself and even apologizing to yourself for consistently making the wrong health decisions up to now, takes more strength and humility than what most people are willing to show unfortunately.

Next, you must stop eating and drinking whatever it is you eat and drink every day that is unhealthy, starting with what you already know is unhealthy, then after that start eliminating those things that you do not realize are unhealthy, like green tea, yogurt, cereals, pills, etc..

I understand these things might already be your staple and therefore you have some emotional dependence, so it will not be easy to stop these, but then again, how can you improve if you don’t at least try to stop what’s hurting you?

So do all organisms need food to survive? Yes! But if you want to thrive, you must eat real food.

Thankfully there is another way to improve your health gradually, without stopping anything cold-turkey, and that is to start eating the last truly healing food on earth! I say “healing food”, because this is exactly what happens when you eat food that is actually healthy enough to heal you and rid your body of all the poisons that have accumulated throughout your life.

Are you ready to begin?

do all organisms need food to survive

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