What Is The Best Protein For Building Muscle

What Is The Best Protein For Building Muscle

There are thousands of protein products on the market, from protein bars and protein drinks to of course those big tubs, but what is the best protein for building muscle?

The quick answer would be “healthy protein” of course, but the problem with this quick answer is that everyone has their own idea of what makes protein healthy.

Some believe healthy protein comes from meat, some believe healthy protein comes from plants, some believe healthy protein comes from dairy and some believe healthy protein can be a processed or refined bi-product of one of these, but the truth is there is only one truly healthy protein and where the protein comes from is just as important as how it ends up.

For example, if the protein came from the healthiest soil on earth, but the factory cooked it, refined it, then added a bunch of preservatives, additives and artificial sweeteners, which is what most ‘protein’ sold everywhere is, then it’s not healthy protein at all.

And the opposite is also true.

For example, if the protein was grown in contaminated soil, either the plant or the animal, but the factory did not cook it, did not refine it, did not add any preservatives, additives or even any artificial sweeteners, then that definitely is also not healthy protein at all.

Again, the protein source is just as important as the end result. If both the source and the end result are not equally healthy, then the protein can never be healthy. And do you know what happens when you consume unhealthy protein?

You can develop kidney stones, headaches, constipation, joint pain, not to mention serious gut issues, but many people ignore this if they see their muscles growing!

I mean, you can grow muscle even if you eat junk food every day, which many do, but it is unhealthy muscle, not to mention will damage your heart, kidneys and your liver over time. The only muscle you should ever gain is healthy muscle, because when you gain healthy muscle, you will still have that healthy muscle decades later without the worry of losing skin elasticity, even after you stop lifting.

What Is The Best Protein For Building Muscle1Everywhere you look there are men walking around with gynecomastia (man-boobs) and unfortunately many boys already, too, because their source of protein is unhealthy protein.

This is truly an epidemic that gets little attention and is often dismissed as growing pains or they blame obesity.

So, if you want to gain weight, you definitely want to gain muscle that is healthy muscle from only healthy protein and that will remain healthy for the rest of your life. And as you know, muscle is heavier than fat, which means you could look just a little bigger, but actually weigh 30 pounds more.

When people look at me, they assume I’m around 180 pounds, but I’m actually 220 pounds.

What are some of the benefits you can expect when you build healthy muscle? First, denser muscle, which is actually stronger than bigger muscle.

Ever seen a skinny kid leg press 400 pounds before? When I was in High School, could have been freshman or sophomore, I was hanging out at the school gym one day and a bunch of football players came in to workout and they saw me leg pressing 400 pounds and immediately thought I was cheating.

They walked around the leg press machine expecting to find something helping me push the weight but there was nothing there! I actually had no idea why I was able to leg press 400 pounds weighing barely 140 pounds and thought it must be genetic.

Later I realized I ate only healthy protein growing up, because that was the only food we ever ate at home. This is an example of what getting stronger looks like when you build healthy muscle, which is denser muscle.

So the question remains, do you want to grow 30% bigger from eating unhealthy protein, but only increase your strength 30% and all the headaches and constipation along with it or do you want to grow 15% bigger muscle but also increase the density of your muscle by 15% and therefore become 30% stronger, without any headaches or constipation? The choice is obvious if you ask me.

Once you start replacing your breakfast and lunch with MealBetix, denser muscle is just one of the hundreds of benefits you can look forward to when you lift weights, whether it’s barbells or just your own body weight.

Now you know what is the best protein for building muscle that will last you long after you stop lifting weights and keep your skin healthy and tight.

And please remember that you will only gain muscle and gain weight if you go out of your way to lift weights and pack on more muscle, otherwise, you will not gain weight and will continually shed unhealthy weight, which is what unhealthy fat is.

In other words, MealBetix adapts to whichever you want, either lose weight or gain weight, but in either case, your health will improve dramatically and this is always much more important than how much you weigh.

The MealBetix Lifestyle is the last 100% organic lifestyle on earth

The Food GuruDr Darren Wayne, aka The Food Guru, is one of the last Food Scientists not on Big Food’s payroll, not on Big Pharma’s payroll and not on anyone’s payroll, which means he has no agenda, other than to tell you as much truth as possible, before it’s too late. Read his latest best-seller, 80 Hormonal Health Myths Busted, before they censor it!

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