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Who Am I And Why Did I Create The MealBetix Lifestyle?
My name is Dr Darren Wayne and I have been a Food Scientist for the last 30 years. Just in the last 10 years our food has become more contaminated than ever before, filled with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs, and despite all of that, also extremely processed. I had to watch my friends and family continue to suffer from all the overpriced toxic food and now inflation is making it even worse. For this reason I created The MealBetix Lifestyle! MealBetix is the last truly 100% Clean meal left –– absolutely pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fungicide-free, GMO-free and never processed! Only clean raw meals for all ages, from fetus, to senior citizen. When you begin The MealBetix Lifestyle, you will never experience food corruption or food inflation, because each meal costs less than junk food! You can expect to save $300+ per person every month on your food bill and save 20 hours monthly not having to prepare or clean up after 60 meals, either! MealBetix is delicious, especially with the slight cinnamon taste, nutritionally dense and 100% freeze dried.

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